“The energy with which you do the do matters MOST!”  – Ange Peters, Hol:Fit

Weekly does of live love on how your energy speaks louder than anything else about you, and  my top tips for raising your frequency.

Up-levelling/Anti-SelfSabotage diffuser blend

Use this blend  when you want to anchor in a new habit or stabilise at a new elevated state of being.

2 drops of each, diffused 8 hours a day in the main living area of your home:

🌱 Eucalyptus

🌱 Douglas Fir

🌱 Lemon

When you’re ready to raise your energetic frequency, I highly recommend the five week protocol outlined in I Am Worthy by Desiree Mangandog.  Don’t scrimp on the essential oils, doTERRA oils are potent, powerful and seriously high-vibe, they are the magic and mystery of nature in a bottle! Invest, because, you are worthy of the best. ✨

Here’s the energy frequency chart I mention in the video, from the I Am Worthy book.

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