Random Chaos or Divine Intelligence? Your Beliefs Become Your Reality

Random chaos or divine intelligence?

Your beliefs become your reality.

And good news, you get to choose to believe whatever you like, so might as well chose something empowering and loaded with deep meaning, right?

Sharing with you  today one of my core beliefs that allows me to turn shit into fertiliser…you might like to try it on for size as we navigate these strange times.

Here’s a breakdown of my core beliefs which I talk about in the video:

  • Nothing is random (you’ll find deep meaning and significance to everything if you choose to look closely enough)
  • There’s an intelligence that runs through nature, and through our own bodies, that is unparalleled and which we do not fully understand, but we can  choose to align and work with.
  • Our bodies are holistic temples: the homes that contain the many interconnected and inter-related facets that comprise us. That includes our physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects. Let me stress that all of this is inter-related. You cannot effect one part of this without effecting the WHOLE. That’s the essence of a holistic approach to life.

In the video I give you an example of how I had some health problems last year and applied these beliefs to those problems. The pain that was coming up for me turned out to be a huge gift (in hindsight, obvs!).  I choose to look more closely and pay attention to the messages that were coming through.

Our body speaks to us the only way she knows how, through emotions, feelings, and physical ‘symptoms’, sometimes this looks and feels a lot like pain and breakdown. But I believe this is all an invitation to go deeper, to cast the healing light of our awareness and attention to whatever it is that is needing it, so that we can heal and come back to a state of holistic health, where our whole organism, from the very depth right up to the surface is healthy and well.

I believe the earth is a reflection of our bodies. She too is a living organism with built in intelligence.

And if she’s got a problem, how might she communicate this to us?

I’ve no idea from the eye of the storm what this crisis will end up doing or meaning, but I do think this is an invitation to pay attention and feel deeply. To discover what is needing to be healed, so that we can turn shit into fertiliser as a collective.

Do you have an empowering belief that keeps you steady and grounded when things get blustery? Comment below and let me know.

Stay well xo

Glad to have my oils with me…

  If you’re feeling called to care for yourself holistically and remember the forgotten wisdom of plants, doTERRA for me was the gateway drug to self-directed health care.

Here’s what these oils helped me do:

💖 stop eating my emotions and start feeling them (and all the healing that comes with that)

💖 get out of my head and into my body and heart (impossible to do if you’re avoiding your emotions)

💖 experience a deeper connection to the world around me by developing a capacity to directly perceive the world around me via my body (not my mind which is easily confused!)

💖 ground myself in a deeper truth. The intelligence of nature is the deeper truth we’re seeking, it runs through our bodies and everything around us. When we align to this we feel deeply support, deeply held and deeply safe. I am so grateful for these deep roots during this windy time.

Here’s my offer this month:

Join doTERRA with any starter kit this month (March 2020) using the link below and you’ll:

💝 Receive 50 free product points to spend on whatever you want (that’s about £40, offer only valid in Europe)

💝 Get a 20-minute starter session with me to assess your primary health goal and ensure you have a clear idea of how your essential oils can assist with this and how to integrate them into your daily routine.

💝 Receive a free one-week trial of The Balance Blueprint, my signature system for creating and sustaining balance and the conditions for health in your daily life.

💝 Trigger a donation to TreeSister that will result in 20 trees planted.

If you’ve been thinking to get these tools in your life. It’s time.

Not sure which starter kit to get, or how to open an account? I have some 15 minute starter sessions available this month. Click the link to book one and we’ll have you set up in a jiffy with your oils winging their way to you on a flying carpet in no-time.

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