We’re going to get real basic here, because looking around our society, true health really isn’t so common, so you mightn’t be aware what it looks like.

What is Health?

When our body, mind, and spirit have their basic needs lovingly met through our own care and attention on a daily basis, we experience optimum health.

Signs of optimum health include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Waking up each morning feeling REFRESHED and excited for the coming day.
  • Having steady ENERGY throughout the day (no afternoon slumps) without the use of stimulants like coffee or sugar (yes, it’s possible!).
  • Being brain-fog free and able to FOCUS on what’s important.
  • Balanced blood sugar which means no episodes of ‘hanger’ or mad CRAVINGS for crappy-crap-food.
  • Not lugging around excess weight; you’re in tune with your body’s fuel and NUTRIENT requirements, eat accordingly, and maintain a steady, appropriate weight easily, without overthinking it.
  • You don’t need MEDICATIONS to live day-to-day.
  • Your skin is smooth, clear and RADIANT, reflecting your health.
  • You CRAVE what’s good for you: regular movement, time-outs/rests, healthy food etc…you don’t crave the stuff that sinks your ship.
  • The backdrop to your EXPERIENCE is a general sense of ease and joy, even when you experience challenges and setbacks, you know it’s all good.
  • You’re FREEof disease and common niggles that many people put up with like chronic pain.
  • You sleep SOUNDLY at night.
  • You feel PEACEFUL and connected.
  • You’re able to contribute to those around you and the world at large from a place of FULLNESS.
  • You find yourself feeling BETTER as you age, and learn to live more skillfully, while those around you seem to be going in the other direction.

The list could go on, but you get the idea, Health is so much more than the absence of disease. It’s a superpower!

Health coaching is for you if:

  • There’s a gap between how you feel and how you’d like to feel, and you want to close that gap as quickly as possible.
  • You’re done with feeling less than stellar and putting up with some annoying niggles and/or symptoms of poor health.
  • You’re serious about experiencing a health breakthrough and are willing to make some simple lifestyle changes to get the results you want.
  • You’re not looking to outsource your health to someone else, you want to take full responsibility and ownership of your health and the results you get, BUT you want support, guidance, and accountability to ensure you stay on track and are investing your efforts in the right place at any given moment.
  • You are open-minded and willing to try new things to find what works best for you.
  • You are willing to listen to feedback.
  • You are keen to be an active participant in your health journey

Sound like you? Still not sure if it’s for you? In either case, go ahead and schedule a clarity call and we’ll figure out next steps together.

An image paints a thousands words so let me include this one here.

Coaching can sometimes come across as a bit nebulous, or a luxury service. Let me tell you from my own experience, when a coach helps you see your world with fresh eyes, helps you discover new paths and open doors you didn’t even realise were there, your whole world shifts. You step onto a new, better, trajectory.  

When you invest in coaching this is what you’re paying for. Your investing in yourself, in becoming the better version you know is inside, waiting to be uncovered, like a diamond in the rough. And you’re paying to get there much faster than you would alone. Sure, you might figure it all out alone eventually (or not) but life is short, and you want to be living your best life now!

Most people harbour an unconscious belief that they aren’t worth investing in. They’ll invest hundreds of thousands in the bricks and mortar of their home, perhaps thousands in the car that transports them from a to b, hundreds or thousands on holidays, and who knows how much on other non-essential trinkets, but when it comes to investing in themselves, their one and only true home for this lifetime, the foundation and source of all their life experience….they hesitate.

Is that you? Think about it.  Working with me may or may not be for you, but please don’t let the fear of investing in yourself be a factor.

What is Yoga Health Coaching?

As a Certified Yoga Health Coach I distill the core wisdom from Yoga and Ayurveda (two ancient holistic health systems designed to bring out the best in humans) and convert them into practical tools that help clients shift from the default trajectory of our culture to a path of vibrant health. And don’t worry, it’s not all stretching and making pretzels with your body!

Let’s consider for a moment what the default looks like. This is normal:

  • To be routinely stressed out and overwhelmed.
  • To feel like there’s never enough time for what really matters.
  • To put the basic self-care needs of our body after everything else.
  • To not provide our body with the exercise and nourishment it needs to feel great.
  • To carry excess weight which continues to accumulate as we age.
  • To  experience less than optimum energy and use caffeine to get through the day.
  • To be chronically sleep deprived.
  • To be out of tune with our body’s basic signals and messages.
  • To be confused about how to nourish and care for our bodies.

If we do nothing and slide along this ’normal’ trajectory we start to degenerate. We experience aches, pains, and stiffness as we age. We make our body a welcoming home for one or many of the degenerative diseases that are so prevalent and on the rise. What’s worse, we may not even realise this de-vitalisation is entirely optional.

There is an alternative.

The path of vibrant health.

This path is for people who understand that ultimately their health, well being and their capacity to live a healthy, joyful and fulfilled life is down to them and no-one else.

They understand that they’re the captain of their own ship and that the actions they take today are steering them in a certain direction.

They aren’t happy to keep sailing towards degeneration and disease, to simply ‘get through’ another day or merely ‘survive’.  They know there must be a better way to live, and they believe in themselves enough to know they are worthy of more.

They’re curious about what’s possible. How good can it be? What might I be capable of? They’re ready to raise their own bar and live better with each passing day.

If this sounds like you then let’s talk!Schedule a free 15 minute clarity call to see if working together is the right for both of us.

What is a Clarity Call?

A 15 minute conversation where you tell me what it is you are looking for and wanting in your life right now.  I will listen and learn more about you to be sure whether I can help you or not. I will also you ask about how much you’re willing and/or able to invest in yourself right now, both in terms of time and money.  Once I have these crucial details, if I feel we’re a good fit and we could make some tangible changes together, I will come back to you with a suggested programme or package that fits your requirements.

What Will my 1-1 Health Coaching Look Like?

This completely depends on your goals and the time/financial investment you are willing to make.  I offer individual 60-minute sessions over skype or zoom, as well as packages that are made up of several sessions with homework and regular contact in between. These might bestaggered over several weeks, or all the way up to 10-months for a deeper lifestyle overhaul.

No two individuals are the same and no two packages are the same. 

I also have low-cost, more hands-off packages I can point you to if money is particularly tight for you at this time but you really want to get started.

The best way to work out what’s best for you is to schedule a clarity call with me.