Weedy Wellbeing: Why Dandelion is the New Kale

Are you a weed lover already? I’m not talking cannabis, I’m talking actual weeds that grow right on your doorstep??


I don’t like the term weed much, it suggests these plants are a problem, when the truth (ahhh how often is the truth buried right in front of our noses?) is that these are highly nutritious plants, gifts from the earth, sent to nourish us so we can flourish. 

Let’s talk about dear dandelion shall we? Such an extrovert, you’ll find him blazingly strewn across your lawn right out in the sunshine. Bright yellow flowers calling loudly – coooo-eeeeee, over heeeeeree! 

You can eat the whole dandelion, roots, leaves and flower. And if you do, you’ll get a nutrition hit that’s out of this world, and definitely trumps anything you’ll find in the supermarket. Our domesticated plants have nothing on their wild cousins.

The flowers taste like honey and are a great source of pollen – which the bees love – but also contain lots of B vitamins, proteins, amino acids, and trace minerals – which our human body loves! 

The green leaves are truly super-greens, rich in chlorophyll, that special sunshine energy that only plants can make, and also high in calcium, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Basically, dandelions are awesomeness!  If you had to, you could survive on dandelion. Doesn’t that make you feel a bit more relaxed in your body? 

I could harp on and on about the wonderfulness that is dandy and dear dandelion, but the magic is in experiencing his magic for yourself, in your own body. So I’ll leave you with a simple recipe to get started.

Dandelion Deliciousness Recipe

Here’s a juice recipe I make, harvest some dandelion, say thank you to the earth for feeding us so freely without us having to do anything.

Pop them in a blender with a lemon, some water, a bit of ginger, and if your palate is new to the taste of the wild a bit of honey or some sweetner to soften the bitter-edge.

Blitz it up and enjoy.

Notice how your body feels. 

After a few times you’ll find your body craving this, because your body already knows what’s good and true and what she needs.

Digging the Wild Weedy Wellness?

You should definitely read the Wild Wisdom of Weeds, you can find it over here on my Plant Magic Reading List

And also check out these:

The Oils

If you’re digging the above but don’t have doTERRA in your hands yet, you’re going to want these tools. These are fundamental component of my holistic medicine cabinet. In fact, they were the gateway drug that reminded me just how much power I have to create a health and wellbeing experience that feels great from deep within and all the way out. AND prepares me for anything.

If you’re feeling called to care for yourself holistically and remember the forgotten wisdom of plants, doTERRA is a great place to start.

Here’s what these oils helped me do:

💖 stop eating my emotions and start feeling them (and all the healing that comes with that)

💖 get out of my head and into my body and heart (impossible to do if you’re avoiding your emotions)

💖 experience a deeper connection to the world around me by developing a capacity to directly perceive the world around me via my body and emotions (not my mind which is easily confused!)

💖 ground myself in a deeper truth. The intelligence of nature is the deeper truth we’re seeking, it runs through our bodies and everything around us. When we align to this we feel deeply support, deeply held and deeply safe. I am so grateful for these deep roots during this windy time.

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