Phew, my brain was blowing off steam from working so intensely on my forthcoming  Balance Blueprint  so I decided to take a break for my weekly live stream (of consciousness😉)

This week I talk a bit about my 100 Urges Chart I’m road-testing for my The Balance Blueprint

If you like feeling epic, FULL OF GREAT ENERGY (none of that jittery caffeine crap) and developing yourself daily, you’re going to love The Balance Blueprint so click through to be added to the waitlist and be the first to hear when the beta launch arrives. It’s not just WHAT to do to feel awesome but HOW to bloody well, actually do it, while real life is occurring.

But before that, we have our Reset and Renew: 30 Day Cleanse.

We start 23rd September. And I *think* we have a pretty cool guest speaker.

Will you join us? Do! Cuz things don’t get better by accident you know, you gotta carve out the time, set aside the funds, and invest your time and money in your most valuable resource – YOU!

Plus, have you seen doTERRA’s offer this month? The freebie on offer is reason enough to get the Cleanse and Restore kit, so you might as well join us, get your lifetime access to this bi-annual reset bonanza, and have some fun upgrading your whole YOU-YOU!

OK, I think my brain is really done in now, off to do something not cerebral.

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Big love, Sam x

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For more info on our upcoming detox, and to get yourself the Cleanse and Restore Kit so you can join us in this season health upgrade, head over here.

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Each month I’ll be doing a deep-dive into one essential oil and sharing lots of interesting information and tips. This live video will be exclusively in the essential wellness facebook group, so come join us over here.

 DoTERRA September Promo-Yo!

Open a doTERRA account this month with any kit worth 200 points or more and you get a free 10ml bottle of Salubelle, worth £115!!

This one’s known as ‘The Beauty Blend’ and for good reason. It’s a blend of the most previous oils including Frankincense, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Lavender Flower, Myrrh, Helichrysum, and Rose! BOOM now that’s a powerful bunch. The last time they ran this promo was back in April 2018, and I’m just about finishing my bottle from back then. It’s undiluted so you can split this into various bottles and it’ll go a LOOOONG way. I use this one, along with Yarrow Pom now, as my daily skin moisturisers.

Check out the full list of starter kits over here.

Offer expires in…