💙 Top tool for getting out of your head and into your heart to discover your truth.  

I wanted to share with you a super effective tool that I’ve recently discovered for tuning into what is true for us in any situation, at any time. 

This is a technique for understanding ourselves and what is true for us on a very deep, visceral level. It bypasses the mind, our preferred tool often, but one that is actually not well-equipped to make wise decisions for us. 

Start using this technique today and your intuition will soon be on fire!

The Heart-Mind Schism

First, I want to talk a bit about the mind/heart schism (split) which will provide some background to this technique. I’ve been learning about this through Tiffany Carole’s Healing Oil Collective, so if you find this interesting maybe check out her offerings for more of this.

She talks about how in western consciousness (western consciousness specifically – this isn’t seen in people all around the world) there has been a split between the heart and the mind….

And here in the west we have crowned the mind as the ruler of all. We have put reason, rational thinking, cognitive function on a pedestal as the king who is solely in charge and trumps all. And in the process we’ve demoted or completely repressed, or forgotten about the queen, which is the heart….

But this isn’t universal truth, this is specifically a western phenomena. 

I’ll elaborate with a story from when Carl Jung became aware of this schism, that he hadn’t realized he was operating under.

In his book Memories, Dreams, and Reflections, he discusses how he acquired an insight into Western Man’s denial of the Heart when he recounts a conversation he had in 1932 with the Native American Chief Ochwiay Biano (meaning “Mountain Lake”) of the Tao Pueblos Indians of New Mexico.4 The chief was quite candid in his perception of the white man’s Heart-Mind split: 

“See….how cruel the whites look. Their lips are thin, their noses sharp, their faces furrowed and distorted by folds. Their eyes have a staring expression; they are always seeking something. What are they seeking? The whites always want something; they are always uneasy and restless. We do not know what they want. We do not understand them. We think they are mad.” 

When Jung asks why he thinks they are all mad. Mountain Lake replies. “They say they think with their heads.” 

 Jung answers, “Why of course,” says Jung, “What do you think with?”  The Chief, indicating his heart, said, “We think here.” 

This was a huge aha moment for Jung where he realized in a flash that this heart mind imbalance in the psyche of Western people had fallen so far into the unconscious that even he was taken by surprise when someone pointed out that thinking from the head primarily is not necessarily normal, or the most efficient way of operating.

So in the west its common to tackle life from the neck up only.

Heart vs Mind

The heart and the mind both have an electromagnetic field, but which is stronger?

Experiments using the SQUID magnetometer (Super-conducting Quantum Interference Device, which measures electromagnetic fields around the human body) have shown that the heart generates the largest electromagnetic field of any body organ, several thousand times more powerful than that of the brain (The heart’s field measures some 50,000 femtoteslas compared to the brain’s rather feeble 10 femtoteslas).

50,000 versus 10, that means the heart is 5000 times stronger energetically than the brain, 5000 times….let that sink in. 

So which of these centres is truly the centre of our being??

And what happens when we shift the centre of control from the place with the strongest electromagnetic field, to a place that is 5000 times weaker?

The mind is not really suited to the task of being our energetic centre, our centre of control. 

The mind is great for many things, but it should not be leading the way, because it doesn’t have as much capacity, as much deep-knowing as the heart. And if we force our minds to take on all this pressure then we actually exhaust it. 

So, it’s officially backed up by science, the heart rules….

Awakening our Heart Consciousness

Righty-o, you ready for the tool to awaken your heart consciousnesses? Ready to shift your energetic locus back to your heart and tap into a greater wisdom and knowing?

Here’s the tool I’ve been working with (thank you Eva for reminding me of this and presenting it to me just when i needed it)

Start by  asking simple questions that you know are either true, or not true…

For instance…

“My name is Sam, is that true”…..this is true for me, you’ll use your own name of course…..

“My name is Sam, is that true?”

Ask the question, and then notice how that feels in your body. When I do this I feel a sensation around my heart area. 

Then ask something that you know isn’t true…

“My name is Amanda, is that true?”

Nope not true for me. Notice how that feels. For me I don’t feel much, perhaps just a little something around my head.

There’s a clear difference in how my body responds to the two statements. That’s what you’re looking for. The aim is to become familiar with the signals from your body. 

I’ve been de-cluttering like mad this last week as we’ve been doing the 9-day clear the clutter challenge and I’ve been applying this to items. I might take an item I know I love and ask should I keep this item, does it spark joy….and feel what something that belongs in my life, that brings me joy, what that feels like in my body…

And then I do it for an item at the other end of the spectrum….

And then over to all the items I’m not so sure about, and let me body help me discern.

So you see you start with simple things like the above, then as you develop your power of listening to what your heart sounds and feels like, you can ask it more important stuff too…and actually be confident in the answer, even if it doesn’t make logical, rational, sense. 

When we’re facing choices in life in can sometimes be difficult to make a decision with just the brain because the brain, with its relatively weak electromagnetic field has access to less knowing than the heart.

My friend shared with me a story from Kate Northup who teaches this technique. She was invited to some big speaking event, really high profile, important stuff, she was free to attend according to her diary and went through this process to run it past her heart.

Her body said ‘no’, quite clearly, and for no obvious reason.

Turns out that when the weekend of the event rolled around,  her husband was very sick and she was needed at home to care for him and their children. Had she said yes to this event she would have had to cancel.

Now there’s no way her brain, her mind could have known this….but the heart, the heart has access to a lot more information than the mind.

Have you ever had this experience? Where you’re faced with a decision and the rational, reasonable logical response  just doesn’t feel right.

Maybe you’ve been offered a new job that looks amazing on paper, there is no rational reason to say no, but something just doesn’t feel right. That’s a true story for me and I went through weeks of this mind/heart tussle over whether to take the job or not. I went with my heart in the end and didn’t take it, and with the perspective of time and everything that’s happened since then I can see that it was absolutely the best decision for me.

So to summarize. 

The domain of the mind is reason and logic which serves a purpose but is limited.

The domain of the heart is truth, our truth, which has to come first, it has to be the foundation.

Truth is not always reasonable, it doesn’t always make sense, sometimes it seems downright crazy, but the more we can live from this place of truth the happier and more aligned with the right path for ourselves we will be.

Ask your heart first for your truth and then ask your mind to get to work implementing it.

Let me know how you get on with the technique and sharpening your intuition.

I hope you enjoy working with this technique, it takes practice so start today with something simple and easy and slowly build your intuition muscle.

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