You’re not too busy for self-care…here’s the truth…

You’re not too busy for self-care. The truth? You don’t actually believe you’re worth your own time. You don’t truly believe you deserve it. You don’t believe you should be centre stage of your own life. You don’t believe your needs come first and are valid and important. You’ve been led to believe that self-sacrifice and putting everyone else first is some sort of virtue. Maybe the idea of putting yourself first triggers feelings of guilt? Discomfort? It just don’t feel right, right?

Darling, this is bullshit. You must put yourself, and your pleasure and joy above all else. And I mean ALL else. Because when you are feeling fabulous you shine your feel-good-cup-full vibes on everyone and make everything around you better. You become like the sunshine in your own life. Everyone loves the sun.

When you mess about and don’t take care of yourself, you become resentful and a bit cranky. You become like a cloudy, rainy, thundery day. No-one likes that shit, especially not you.

More important still: As a woman, your power lies in your ability to love and care for yourself like you friggin’ well mean it.

When you forgo your own pleasure and joy, you give all your power away. Which is a sucky situation to be in.

So here’s three simple self-care tips to begin the journey to become a self-care warrior goddess, let’s GO:

  1. Every time you look in the mirror, look into your eyes and say “I LOVE YOU”

2. Use essential oils to shift the lower energetic vibrations behind the ‘not worthy’ thoughts that keep you feeling unworthy of your own time and attention.

3. Fuck busy and refuse to be rushed

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