The Water Challenge

The health theme for March over here at InspiredLife HQ is water. Water is life, it’s the first element we encounter, nourished and nurtured within the water of our mother’s womb.  We can go weeks without food. But water? Few days and you’re in serious trouble.

It’s foundational. It supports all bodily functions. It makes everything better.  And it’s pretty much a freely available resource, literally ‘on tap’.

I’m committing to upping my hydration-anty and seeing what happens this month. Skin that glows SO much that I need sunglasses to check myself in the mirror is what I’m shooting for.  #watchthisspace 😎

How about you? Do you drink enough? Do you kinda get the sense you oughta drink more and might feel better for it, but just find yourself resisting actually dang-well-doing it? Yeah me too. I’ve made so many commitments to just drink more water, and then sat there looking at my water bottle all day without doing much with it.  Relate much? Join me in my commitment this month then.

Here’s a simple calculator to work out how much water to drink. I made you a water tracker too so you can have fun tracking this, download it here.

I’ve worked out I need four of these 👈 K-T London tea infusing bottles a day.

About these bottles. This is one of my absolute fave health-finds from last year. I met Katy at the Yoga Show where she had a stand and this little bottle and the whole concept instantly captured my attention (I know a good thing when I see it!).

This is a glass bottle that you can place your loose leaf tea into (I LOVE her rose tea btw, absolutely beautiful and subtle taste to sip on all day long) and it has a tea-mesh fitted into the drinking part at the top (gosh, lacking all the technical words today but you can see what I mean from the photo) which means you can sip away on the go. I take this to work with me, or whenever I go anywhere. I even use it in the house because it’s easier than getting the whole teapot and saucer set out.

Especially now the weather is a bit nippy, I love having a warm drink with to stay hydrated, rather than cold water. When I take my daughter to the park, yep, I’ve got some nice warm tea to sip on and stay hydrated with. Oh, and my daughter loves this also. I don’t give my daughter any drinks other than water or herbal teas. You’ll be surprised what kids will drink when they aren’t offered sugary nonsense and you come at them with the assumption that they don’t want sugary-nonsense (as opposed to the limiting assumption that they’ll only consume crap). Anyways, side note there.

The other thing I love about this concept is that not only does it inspire me to stay hydrated, because it’s warm and tastes nice, but high quality loose leaf tea (like the stuff KTLondon sells) is chock-full of antioxidants. Antioxidants, like water itself, supports your whole system in so many wonderful ways, so having a way to benefit from these easily, on the go, no matter how cray-cray your day is, well that’s a big win in my books.

AND I’m delighted to be partnering with KT London this month to do a giveaway! If the whole tea-infusing bottle for on-the-go healthy hydration sounds good to you then enter the prize-giveaway and you could have one winging its way to you next month. Psst….I don’t have  thousands of people entering these giveaways, not even hundreds, so your chances of winning are GOOD!

Enter to win a Tea-Infusing Bottle from K-t London so you can stay hydrated and loaded up on anti-oxidant goodness all day long, easily!Want a fun and practical tool to inspire you to stay hydrated throughout the day and incorporate more anti-oxidant rich loose-leaf tea into your busy schedule? Yeah you do! This snazzy tea bottle is one of my favourite additions to my well-being toolkit from 2019, and I’m delighted to be doing a prize-giveaway this month. Pop your details below to enter to win.  The winner will be announced at the start of April. Good luck!

Are you in our private facebook group yet? It’s where all the fun happens. Our theme this month is water: drinking it, appreciate it, bathing in it…and so much more to inspire you to make the most of this foundational piece in your holistic health puzzle.  Click the Join Now button to come hang with us.

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