How to Stop Drowning in Your Own Life and Start Surfing

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There’s a rhythm to life that’s much greater than us, whether we like it, or not, whether we acknowledge it, or not.

If you want to ignore the realities of the bigger rhythms of life around you, then you are essentially choosing to splash around randomly, solo. You’re going to spend a lot of time feeling like you’re just treading water, not getting anywhere, and even if you do get somewhere, jeez is it going to take waaaaay more energy, effort and pain that it needed to.

On the flip side, if you want to feel like life is easeful, like you’re able to relax into the flow of things and be carried along effortlessly to your destination while enjoying the ride, with enough energy for all the things you want and need to do, and then some to spare,  then really you gotta understand these basic rhythms, grab your surf board,  and learn to surf them.

Here’s a simple place, for women especially, to start. Print a few of these >>Mood tracker << and start documenting and noticing your monthly rhythm. Noticing when you feel energised, when you feel less energised. When your mind is sharp and clear and ready for analysing, strategising, planning and doing all of the shit, and when your mind starts to cloud over, and your emotions and intuition whisper to you to draw inwards and reveal in the quiet, darkness, mystery ready to receive some epic wisdom that you can bring forth into your next cycle.

Basically, print this tracker and start knowing yourself MUCH BETTER so you can harness your real power and make the most of everything on offer to you, the gifts from your on, up and outwards phases and the gifts from your down, quiet and inwards phases.

As you’re here, why  not check out my Balance Blueprint, it’s a NEW WAY to create a daily, weekly and monthly flow that actually honours the realities of your biology, so you can stop wasting energy fighting yourself and instead make feeling great your new default. Because when the basic needs and realities of your body are honoured you can get on a do the things and enjoy the things more efficiently and with more ease than you ever dreamed possible.

The journal I shared here is The Moon is My Calendar Journal. It’s nice