Hey hey!

You’re here because I am putting together a little doTERRA package for you to experience.

You filled in the sample request form and let me know what your top health priority is right now and I’ve selected 2 essential oils to give you a 10 day experience with, that will support you in your chosen area.

I believe you will find that these pure essential oils will come to be a great tool for restoring harmony in your body. And beginning in one area, as you’ve selected, will create a powerful ripple effect in your health.

It’s helpful to understand that your body is designed to heal itself when it receives what it needs. Think about it what happens when you have a cut … your body goes right to work to heal it, a scab might form and then fall off and you have new healed skin.

Every organ in your body becomes new within months, and the only time we run into trouble is when we aren’t giving the body the proper support to heal.

Nature has an unmatched wisdom and essential oils offer our body the same harmony that exists in nature.
I’m so excited for you to open up the package I’ve sent you!

Review the health area you chose below to learn how to use your sample.

Ready to get your natural and healthy skin glow on?

About Lavender and TeaTree


Sourced from France + Bulgaria … this is the swiss army knife of essential oils! Lavender is widely known for its calming and relaxing properties and ability to soothe occasional skin irritations and creating a sense of calm. It’s a great oil to add into your daily moisturizer to reduce any redness and you’ll also love the calming effects from smelling its beautiful floral aroma. So while I’m giving it to your for skin support, you’ll see some great uses for sleep below swell. Also, it’s not well known – but most of the lavender oil sold in North America today is actually a hybrid called “lavandin” which is grown and distilled in China. This is what leads to a cheaper price point on store shelves.

Tea Tree :

This is our fave first aid and skin cleansing essential oil! Tea Tree (often called Melaleuca) is best known for its purifying, cleansing, and disinfectant properties. It’s anti-bacterial, anti- fungal, anti-microbial. Tea Tree can be used to cleanse and purify the skin and nails and support a healthy complexion. This is great for any spot treatments when you notice blemishes start to appear on your face.

🗒️  Research

• Using lavender oil topically can help to improve a number of skin conditions, from canker sores to allergic reactions, acne and age spots. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help to ease skin conditions and reverse signs of aging: National Library of Medicine

• These findings suggest that lavender has an acceleratory effect on wound healing: Journal

• dōTERRA Melaleuca Study: doTERRA Science

• This study shows that the use of the tea tree oil products significantly improved mild to moderate acne and that the products were well tolerated: Article

Essential oils are very light and fat soluble, so they can easily penetrate the skin, which is why they’re so effective for cleansing, rejuvenating, and supporting your glowing complexion.


  • Add just 1 drop to a little jojoba or olive oil and massage into your skin at night after cleansing

  • Create a cleansing face scrub by mixing a tsp of baking soda with a little olive oil and 1 drop each lavender + tea tree. Exfoliate your skin and then rinse

  • Add 1-2 drops to a cup of epsom salts for a cleansing bath experience. Check out this blog I wrote for more bath tips

  • Combine with Tea Tree on a cotton ball, and place in the ear for any ear aches/issues.

  • Diffuse 3-4 drops in the diffuser every night before bed to promote a deeper, more restful sleep

  • Add a drop on your pillow to encourage deeper sleep

  • Add a few drops to felt dryer balls when your clothes are in the dryer (only for the last 10 minutes of the cycle)

Tea Tree:

  • Use as a spot treatment and apply directly to blemishes. Or add 1 drop to your hand with your face cleanser if acne prone. (doTERRA makes a great face cleanser for acne prone called HD Clear)

  • Add 1-2 drops to liquid coconut oil and massage into acne prone areas or skin breakage areas

  • 1 drop applied to a wart a few times a day and it will be gone.

  • Super effective for ear infections too – just massage around the affected ear several times a day. Use lavender for this as well.

  • Massage into nails & cuticles to strengthen + heal any fungal issues.

  • Add a few drops to a vinegar + water solution for all purpose house cleaning.