Sacred Sundays

Sundays used to be different. A day set aside from all the rest. A day for rest, worship, and quality time with family.

It was only as recently as 1994 that legislation was introduced in the U.K. allowing shops and businesses to trade on Sundays. Now it feels like Sunday is like any other day of the week.


Stuff to do.

I was in Spain a few weeks ago visiting family and pondered the demise of Sacred Sundays in the U.K. In Spain everything is shut on Sundays. There’s a real sense that everyone is unplugged from work and taking time out of time (- except the bakers, those poor guys, still up at the crack of dawn!).

I’ve been experimenting with taking a day out each week (it doesn’t have to be Sunday!) to consciously unplug and allow the day to be totally different.

In a society addicted to doing (and I’m guilty as charged!) it’s pretty radical to devout a whoooole day to simply being.

 Last Sunday I didn’t turn my phone on at all. I didn’t go online. I didn’t rush around trying to tick things off my never-ending to-do list. I didn’t attempt to do anything productive. Nothing at all. Nada.

I simply mooched about the house with my daughter, allowing myself to be fully present to how wonderful she is. Slowing right down and taking the world in from her vantage point (she’s 10 months old).

The day involved lots of cuddles, naps, a nice walk, quiet time, daydreaming, a bath, lots of chilled out fun, and a bit of journaling at the end of the day.

No surprises, it was a pretty darn awesome day, and I got back on the doing-train feeling refreshed and clear-headed.

It was like a mini doing-detox! I gained some perspective. It was a valuable reminder that the world’s not going to end if I don’t see or respond to my messages and emails until a day later. It’s OK to slow down. Imperative in fact. Or we risk missing some of the most beautiful moments life has to offer us!

Maybe you already have a Sacred Sunday practice.  If not, this is an invitation to consider taking time out of time each week, to unplug and reconnect to yourself and your loved ones.

If once a week seems like too much, consider taking a time out with each full moon. Allow the cosmic clock to remind you each month to take pause. 

This Saturday is the second Blue Moon of the year, a super rare occurrence . And Sunday is Easter Sunday; one of only two Sundays in the whole year that are still treated as Sacred Sundays.

Tap into the national pause and set yourself up with a new Sacred Sunday habit.

If you already honour yourself with a Sacred Sunday, I’d love to hear how you celebrate and make this time special!

If you like to journal check out this quarterly review worksheet to review and reflect on the first 90 days of this year.