Clary Sage

Clary Sage: The wise-crone of the clan. If you’re a lady, you’re gonna want some clary sage, and some clary calm too ideally, in your tool-kit,

Isn’t she a trip to look at?

Here’s a handy chart showing some nice Quantum Acupoints to place clary sage on. Remember, just one drop, place your finger lightly on your chosen point. No need to press (that becomes physical) just touch ever so likely (that gets us plugged into the energetics, where the magic is really at)

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Beautiful Bergamot

Bergamot, the bringer of light and balance.

It calms the heart and mind by dispersing agitation. It lifts our spirits and widens our perspectives.  The image I receive when I inhale Bergamot is of the sun peaking over the horizon, a new day dawning, fresh possibilities, greater clarity, seeing more.  What images comes to you as you sit and smell sweet Bergamot?

Here’s a handy-handout of the  quantum acupressure points that Bergamot likes.

And a summary of Bergamot.

Bonus video below on working with Bergamot to bring light into the pineal gland. 👇