Advanced Oil Magic

My Favourite ‘Essential’ Resources

With this selection of books you’ll be well on your way to being your own healer and your own aromatherapist. The more you use the oils, the less you’ll need the intellectual knowledge within these books, but in the beginning it’s fun and useful to have some guidance.

Here’s what I recommend as your essential library:

Modern Essentials

Emotions and Essential Oils

Advanced Oil Magic

All of these, plus you essential oil accessories like rollerbottles and so forth, can be purchased from Essential Oil Supplies. This is the best place for affordable and good quality oil accessories.

And for weekly inspiration and a forum to ask questions, please join the >> Essential Wellness Community. <<

Essential Oils for Tech-Issues

To process your frustration at the tech issues: Oregano, the oil of non-attachment. You didn’t really want that project you spent hours making anyway right, no biggy the computer just crashed and swallowed it…let it go man.

How to use: add a toothpick to the bottle and then swirl this round a hot herbal tea to soothe desires to smash laptop or other device giving you grief.

To progress beyond your desire to smash the laptop: Air (the respiratory blend)

How to use: Breathe a few drops from your palms, and rub some onto your chest. Inhale, and as you exhale, let that shit go. Release the frustration on the out breathe.

This protocol is right outta the Advanced Oil Magic Book. Oregano is now officially in charge of my work station and will be on duty 24/7. I didn’t have any tech issues today. Coincidence? I think not. My tech knows the ninja-oil is looming close and I’m not afraid to go hard core. I’ll even diffuse Oregano if I have to. I will, I really will. Just watch me. Or smell me.

You’ll hear me talking HEAPS about energy over the coming months as this is the core topic of my Balance Blueprint course. If you’d like some insights into my energy-musings you can access a couple of freebies I’ve put together.

The Energy Equation eBOOK over >>here<< where you’ll find out the two pillars of epic energy and how to tap into them right away.

The How to Design a Daily Routine that Frees Up 20% More Energy for the Stuff that Matter Most video series over >>here<<

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