How to Get Motivated…Even if you reeeeally can’t be arsed

Here’s what we’re talking about today:

The motivation myth busted 👊 discover why motivation is NOT what you need, so you can finally stop beating yourself with the ‘I-just-can’t-get-motivated’ stick and put that freed-up energy to better use instead, like actually taking action.

Discover the 3-part formula to use instead of motivation, which will save you heaps of time and energy NOT chasing after the wrong goals, which means more leftover for the stuff you do really want to get after.

One practical tip to get you from stop to action whenever you want to tackle something new but just can’t seem to start, no more flapping around powerless waiting for the motivation gods to pay you a visit.

People are always asking about motivation. 

Searching for that secret sauce so they can finally get motivated to actually do all those awesome things they dream about, and, crucially, stick at it long enough to get some damn results.

I get it. Doing the-stuff is harder than sitting and watching netflix.  At least in the beginning. 

So let’s get straight to my super simple MOTIVATION METHOD so you can finally get motivated…even if you really can’t be arsed. 

The secret to this method is that you actually don’t need motivation to begin. So stop using motivation as an excuse! 

Motivation is a by-product, a bit like inspiration, of being in action. You do the thing, then you feel like ‘hey this feels kinda good, Imma do more of this thing’. BAM, you’re now motivated. Even just a little. 

But how do you even start to do the first little thing that creates that spark of motivation?

Follow this three-step process whenever you find yourself lamenting ‘I just can’t get motivated!’

The Motivation Method: Simple 3-Step Formula

Step 1: Consider that “I really can’t be arsed” might in fact be the appropriate response to what you’re trying to do.

Before you do ANYTHING EVER (EVER) make sure it actually is something you want to do.

Sounds obvious, but don’t skip this. You really want to dive in deep here because this will literally save you a heap of time and energy NOT chasing around after squirrels you’re not that bothered about catching. 🐿️🐿️🐿️🐿️

Think about the amount of energy and determination required to catch a squirrel? A lot of our big goals require this sort of commitment to get after it like our hair’s on fire.

So when you’re looking to psych yourself up to catch a squirrel (a.k.a. ‘get motivated’) ask yourself WHY do I even want to do this? 

To get motivated, you need to have a rock-solid and crystal-clear motivation.

Most people float around the superficial layer.

I want to lose weight because it’d be nice to look thinner like the people in the magazines. That’s NOT going to compel you to not eat the cake. Screw the magazines you’ll say as you polish off the last crumbs of the entire cake you tucked away.

You need something more compelling than cake if you want to lose weight. And cake is pretty compelling, so you have to dig around until you find something bigger than your obstacles and challenges.

Look at the thing you’re trying to do and keep asking ‘why does this even matter?’ Ask yourself that about 20 times. Then another 20. Really dig around to see if there’s a genuine desire to do the thing that you think you want to do. See if you can find something that gets your more excited than cake, or whatever your equivalent obstacle is. 

Half the time we’re trying to do things because we think we should, or because other people are doing it, or some other superfluous reason that doesn’t have any depth. 

And the harder the thing you’re trying to do is, the more compelling your  personal reason why, or motivation, needs to be. 

If you want to build a big building you’ve got to lay rock solid foundations. 🏛️🏛️🏛️🏛️

You need to have such a compelling reason to take action that you can’t help but take action.

If there’s no compelling reason, then don’t bother! 

You just freed up a heap of energy and possibly time that you can now invest in something you do actually want to do.

OR you can give yourself permission to just enjoy doing nothing, instead of beating yourself up about doing this thing you never really wanted to do in the first place. Yay 🙋‍♀️

Save your time and energy for the thing that really gets your juices flowing and your lights-a-twinkling. OK?

If your thing doesn’t pass this first step, you can finish here, go make yourself a cup of tea and RELAX. 🍵🛀

But if you’re clear that you DO want the thing, you have a deep and compelling motivation, but still feel stuck in inaction, move to step two. 👉

Step 2: If you really do want something but aren’t taking action and making it happen, ask yourself ‘why don’t I want this?’

Confused? You might be thinking ‘but Sam, I just told you I DO want this thing’.

In step 2 you need to look underneath the bonnet. Because here’s the thing, we get what we truly desire from deep, deep down, not what we say we want.

There’s a big difference between the two.

At the level of the conscious mind we often say we want all sorts of fabulous things. We want to write a book, get into shape, take amazing care of our bodies, have more time for ourselves, learn a new craft, get a promotion, earn a shit-ton of money…

But if you want to know what you reeeeallly want, look at what you’ve got. 

You’re constantly manifesting your own reality, and whatever you’ve got now, you’ve created it. 

This whole manifesting jazz is happening from the level of the subconscious mind, i.e. underneath the bonnet. 

So you can SAY you want something, but if your SUBCONSCIOUS is believing something else is more appropriate or better in some way (even if doesn’t make any rational sense), then it’s never going to happen.

You will self-sabotage yourself at every step of the way to keep your reality aligned with what your subconscious feels is cool.

Let’s look at an example.

You’re frazzled and feel like you’ve no time for self-care. Everyone and everything else is prioritized and you’re last on the list. “There’s just not enough time’ you cry. You say things like ‘I would really like more time to take care of myself better, but I just don’t have the time or energy to do so’

When you lift the hood of the bonnet and examine more closely what’s underneath there, what you actually find is a belief that you’re not really worth it, you’re not good enough, you don’t deserve to be a priority in your own life… “who am I to do something so audacious as to request time out just ‘to be’ and not do anything productive or useful???????”

These things sound insane when you open the bonnet and get them out into the light, but we all have variants of this nonsense knocking around in there and running the show. 

Can you see how if underneath the bonnet is the belief you aren’t worth it, truly, then you’re never going to make the time to take care for yourself? You’re never going to stand up and say ‘hey, people in my life, this is what I need, can you help me out?’ You’ll just keep on neglecting yourself and then get increasingly frustrated, resentful, burnt out, and lament that you don’t have time for self-care, or just for yourself. 

There are a million variants of this. You want a promotion, to earn more money, but underneath that bonnet is a deep belief that you’re not good enough, not worth that much…and soooooo you’ll keep struggling with ‘motivation’. It’s such an easy form of self-sabotage.

The other question you can ask here is ‘what’s the payoff/reward for not taking action?’

Even our most destructive behaviors have a payoff, maybe they keep us small which makes us feel safe? Deprived, burned out, and resentful. But safe. It’s familiar territory. Right?

Now rooting around in the depths of our subconscious and really fishing this shit out into the daylight is not always comfortable.

And doing something about it is definitely not comfortable. Growing feels scary and so it’s a lot easier to just stay in the box.

If you want to stay in the box, that’s fine, you can stop beating yourself up about why you can’t get motivated to take action. Motivation has nothing to do with it, you know now. Relax and go make a cup of tea. 🍵

Now, if you really want the thing AND you’ve identified the fear-based belief that is motivating you NOT to take action, and you want to move ahead but are still a bit unsure about how to ‘get motivated’, a.k.a. Go from stop to start without breaking a sweat, move to part 3. 

Step 3: If you’re truly ready to ‘get motivated’ to take action but need one practical tip to get you going – here it is – you got that tea? Relaxed and ready for it?

Make the action so easy that it would be RIDICULOUS NOT TO DO IT!

Don’t focus on the end book, the ideal physique, the final career goal….just focus on the first teeny-tiny-step AND TAKE IT!

It’s that simple. And stop saying you can’t get motivated, you don’t need motivation. People in action aren’t waiting for the motivation to come and carry them forward, they just get on and chip at it, sometimes they feel, most times not, regardless they take action on the things they’ve deemed worthy (see step 1).

Now I unpack this in A LOT more detail in my course The Balance Blueprint where I guide you step-by-step through a fun and empowering journey to breakthrough-the-busy,  reclaim your vital resources –  your attention, your energy and your time –  so you can finally create space in your crazy life for YOU and the things that actually matter, without sacrificing anything that actually matters.

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