When you were a kid, did you ever subscribe to one of those magazines where you got to slowly build something over time?  Each month you received  a new piece of the puzzle  and eventually this culminated in the construction of your very own, totally awesome (not-to-scale) glow in the dark T-Rex, or something similar? Grrrrrr!

Well the Monthly Wellness Box is kinda like that. Except, instead of building a dinosaur, you’re gradually building your own natural and holistic medicine cabinet. Each month you add a few more pieces to your toolkit.  The month-by-month approach means you get to gradually introduce, play with, learn about, and ultimately integrate a few new plant remedies into your medicine cabinet and into your lifestyle. It’s fun, it’s empowering, and every month feels like Christmas as you unpack an exciting new package with some new plant allies ready to support you in feeling your best.

If you’d like to have the tools at your fingertips to deal with everyday challenges, from the physical, right through to the emotional, mental and spiritual, in a natural and holistic way, then you have to give doTERRA’s essential oils a try via the Monthly Wellness Box.

Step 1: Starting your Adventure

If you’re a complete newbie to doTERRA, you’ll want to start by selecting one of their carefully curated starter kits.

These are not random collections of oils, the oils in each package have been carefully chosen to provide a comprehensive experience, i.e. covering as many possible basis in as few oils as possible so you can experience what it’s like to have a micro-natural-medicine-cabinet.

You’ll want to spend 1-3 months getting to know the oils in your starter kit and learning how to integrate them into your life, then you’ll be ready for phase 2.

You can take a look at the various collections over here.

If you’re not sure where to start let me suggest the Home Essentials Kit. This gives you the top ten oils you’re most likely to need and use, both when you’re first starting out and much further down the road.

Want something for a glowing skin recipe? Covered. Funky toenail needs some help? Covered. Need to manage stress, relax, sleep better? Check, check, check. Digestive issue? Yep, this kit’s gotcha. Sniffles, allergies, respiratory mehs? Yep, yep, yep. Something to make your own green cleaning sprays and rubs? Tick.

This kit will show you what’s possible. It’ll fling the doors wide open.

Plus, you get a high quality diffuser that’ll last yonks, works like a charm, and looks pretty (kinda like the oils).  Already have a diffuser you say? No worries, you’re going to want one in each room of your house when we’re done here, so get a kit that has one.

Click start below to order your starter kit.

If you really don’t fancy any of the starter kits because you’ve got your eyes on some specific oils that aren’t in the kits, then you can also simply open an account and  join the loyalty rewards programme a.k.a. the monthly wellness box and cut straight to building your collection gradually this way.

More on this below.

Step 2: The Monthly Wellness Box

Why subscribe to a monthly wellness box?

Why not just buy these oils and related health-products sporadically? Why not buy everything you want now and then leave it a few months and buy another batch? Why subscribe to getting something every month? Good questions, and there are two main reasons:

Better Value for Money

Quality comes at a price, these are not cheap products, but the loyalty rewards programme is designed to reward those who want to take proactive action to help themselves. The more you purchase, the cheaper it becomes.

Here are the different pricing options.

  1. Don’t open an account, buy retail, pay the full price.
  2. Open an account, pay 25% less instantly.
  3. Subscribe to the monthly wellness box and gain extra benefits. Starting with your postage costs reimbursed, even when you buy just one thing, could be the cheapest oil, or a lip balm, anything, free postage!
  4. Place an order that’s worth 50 points, that’s about £40, and you get from 10% all the way up to 30% of the amount you pay given back to you to spend on whatever you want.  The amount you get back goes up the longer you’re a member of the loyalty rewards programme. It’s set up to reward loyalty, as the name suggests! For example, say you spend £50 in your first month, you get £5 + your P&P back into your account just for shopping this way instead of placing a standard order. This goes up the longer you’re a member. I’ve been getting a monthly wellness box for over 13 months now, so every time I spend £50 I get £15 back! It’s the best rewards programme I’ve ever been involved in. And I’m being rewarded for taking care of myself naturally and holistically, which is the real reward, feeling awesome.
  5. If you place an order worth a 100 points you’re eligible to receive commission when you recommend doterra to a friend who places an order through you. So if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and fancy making some extra cash by sharing a product you love, this is a nice bonus.
  6. If you place an order worth 125 points or more you get a free oil. This changes month-to-month. I love free oils.

AND, there’s no contract, you’re not tied into anything, you’re free to give it a whirl and if you find it’s just not for you, you can cancel it anytime. I recommend coming up with a three-month wellness game-plan (more below) and giving this a go for three months to see how you like it.

Better Results

Consistency is key. One bottle of lavender that you buy and then leave on the shelf gathering dust isn’t going to get you any big health breakthroughs or have you shifting your vibration up 20 levels.

This is natural medicine. This is lifestyle medicine.  This is about taking a little-and-often long-term approach to your well-being. This is about anchoring in simple routines into your daily life that lead to big shifts over the long haul.

Having a monthly wellness box means you need to go into your membership area each month and decide which products you want next. Which means, taking the time each month to  consciously review your health and well-being and decide, what am I focusing on this month? What do I need support with?

It’s a monthly nudge to stay on track and keep the needle moving in a positive direction.

How to Open Your DoTERRA Account

If you don’t have doTERRA account you’ll need to open one first by following these instructions:

💗 Click the START button below.

💗 Choose your country and language

💗 Choose Wholesale Customer!

Please don’t enrol as a Wellness Advocate or upgrade to one without talking with me first – if you’re interested in the business opportunity you need to spend at least three months using the oils, learning about doterra, and gathering your first hand experiences of what the oils can do. If after three months you are super-duper stoked to start sharing them then get in touch with me so we can have a conversation about this and I will be over the moon to support you in any way I can and invite you into our incredible team!

💗 Next up follow the instructions and enter your personal details

💗 At Enroller/Sponsor ID, enter my number: 5644399 if it’s not there already. This ensures I am your contact and can support you throughout your journey.

💗When you click verify (it should then show my name (Sam Vale Noya)

💗Pick a password

💗Head over to the next page where you can select on the carousel whichever starter kit you’d like, these include the membership fee. If you prefer to skip the starter kit option you can just open an account by picking the ‘Essentials Booklet’ which is currently £20, that’s the membership option only.

💗 Once you’ve opened your account by ordering one of the starter kits or just opening an account I’ll get an email to notify me and I’ll be in touch to say hello and ensure you have everything you need to get the most out of your account.  Instructions on setting up your monthly wellness box once you’ve got an account below…

How to Set Up Your Monthly Wellness Box

For full details of the loyalty rewards programme/monthly wellness box head over here.

If you need any help whatsoever please book a free wellness consult over here.

In this sessions we will go through the planner linked above together and:

identify your primary health goals

  come up with a personalized wellness plan

✨ match your goals  with the oils and products that can best support you

✨ set up your doterra account and your monthly wellness box so you can get up and running hassle and headache-free

✨ answer any questions you may have that haven’t been covered here!

Love from the tribe…

“Since working with doTERRA there have been changes to my well being that have taken effect immediately, almost immediately, and longer term.
For example:
  • the calming sensation of breathing in lavender in immediate (and much needed sometimes!)
  • the soothing feeling of Deep Blue Rub on aching muscles is almost immediate as that tingling sensation kicks in
  • even using well being products like TerraZyme I would say have had an almost immediate effect.  And I was pretty surprised by that one to be honest.  I’m naturally quite a skeptical person but I felt better the day after using it and have continued to do so.  Even taking a break for a month to see if it was just by chance. The month without taking it I caught myself feeling more lethargic.  Having gone back to using it I feel more sprightly again!  It’s no wonder really, I mean you can see how powerful that stuff is by searching for the many videos online that show what happens when day-old stodgy porridge and doTERRA Terrazyme digestive enzymes are mixed together.
  • then there’s the more longer term things like the three complimentary supplements that form the Lifelong Vitality Pack.  I didn’t feel any change immediately or even TerraZyme-almost-immediately.  But over the course of a few months I did notice a more harmonised sense of well being.
And I’d say just generally, having the oils to-hand has been a blessing for my well being.  Often giving me a much needed moment to take a step back, take a moment for myself, and recenter.”
“Since Sam introduced me to doTerra it has made a massive difference to my life. Before I started I researched the company and was drawn to them due to how they want to uplift others and how they work within communities.
I love that I have natural tools to use in my well-being and that of my family’s. I find the loyalty reward program amazing value and recommend it to everyone. It is an amazing way to ensure I get the support and products I need at the best price every month.
I love the quality and care that doTERRA bring to everything they do, and this is first and foremost the reason I use and recommend them to others.
The support from the community is amazing and I feel that they are friends and they are always there for you.”
“I didn’t know very much about essential oil quality before I was handed a bottle of dōTERRA (peppermint mmmmmmm), but one whiff and I knew this was next level essential oil! My dōTERRA oils have been a touchstone for me, helping me to cope in times of immense stress as well as when I wanted emotional healing. They inspire me when I want to work out and they’re the most loving perfumes ever produced by nature. I’ve expanded my collection over the years by maintaining an LRP and this has replaced all of my beauty and most pharmacy needs, it’s a monthly treat to myself for my mental and physical health.”

“I have always liked essential oils, but when I’ve bought them previously I found I hardly used them. I have a very sensitive nose for smell. With doTEERA it’s been different. I like the smells and the variety. I also got a diffuser for first time. But my favourite way to enjoy the oils is to put few drops on lava stone close to my bed. With more oils to play around with in my collection I’ve had the opportunity to notice which oils I gravitate towards and which ones I just can’t work with. What is interesting is to notice how this change depending on where I’m at in my life. I love this way of learning about myself, questioning my well-being, and listening to my body.

Now about clearing the house… I just can’t stand products from the supermarket shelf, also the amount of plastic bothers me. With doterra oils I do magic in the house, washing floors, surfaces and adding oils with antiviral properties to my laundry. I didn’t know before just how many ways there are to use these oils, so being connected to Sam and other doterra customers who share their tips is very helpful. And I love experimenting myself too.  As for my well-being,  I can say I’m tuned into myself and what is true for me. If also feels great to charge my space up with these beautiful smells – and I get to feel good at the same time : )

If you’re thinking of working with doTERRA essential oils, I’d definitely recommend it!”