Hey hey!

You’re here because I am putting together a little doTERRA package for you to experience.

You filled in the sample request form and let me know what your top health priority is right now and I’ve selected 2 essential oils to give you a 10 day experience with, that will support you in your chosen area.

I believe you will find that these pure essential oils will come to be a great tool for restoring harmony in your body. And beginning in one area, as you’ve selected, will create a powerful ripple effect in your health.

It’s helpful to understand that your body is designed to heal itself when it receives what it needs. Think about it what happens when you have a cut … your body goes right to work to heal it, a scab might form and then fall off and you have new healed skin.

Every organ in your body becomes new within months, and the only time we run into trouble is when we aren’t giving the body the proper support to heal.

Nature has an unmatched wisdom and essential oils offer our body the same harmony that exists in nature.
I’m so excited for you to open up the package I’ve sent you!

Review the health area you chose below to learn how to use your sample.

Ready to enhance your mental wellbeing?

We can’t talk about MENTAL WELLBEING without talking about our LIMBIC SYSTEM. And if you didn’t already know, essential oils are quickly absorbed by smell receptors that directly connect to one of the most powerful areas of the brain: the limbic system. Not sure how powerful our limbic system is? The limbic system affects our moods, emotions, heart rate, blood pressure, and memories… so, it’s kind of a big deal! Which is why essential oils are so effective to balance your moods, increase your energy, and support your body on a deeper, cellular level.

I’m interested in supporting those who are ready to take responsibility for their health and lead their life, which is why I believe you’re here.

Let’s dive deeper:



The calming blend, because stress and pressure in our society can feel relentless. In preliminary studies, the scent of Lavender, a main ingredient of Adaptiv, has been found to contribute to an environment conducive to performing tasks requiring sustained attention. Lavender, Magnolia, Neroli, and Sweetgum provide stress-relieving effects while Wild Orange and Spearmint energize and uplift. Copaiba and Rosemary soothe anxious feelings to round out the calming blend. Whether you’re feeling fatigued or restless, indecisive or irritable, Adaptiv Calming Blend is part of the toolbox to help the body and mind to stay balanced.


This blend is primarily a combination of tree oils and roots – spruce, rosewood, frankincense and blue tansy. It promotes tranquility, connectedness and well-being and has a powerful effect on the central nervous system. The energy of trees are in the present moment, they are stable, they are not in a hurry… it’s this soft energy that helps us reconnect to our own roots and stay in the present moment. Balance helps calm emotions, lessen stress, and it has an amazing effect of bringing you out of your head and INTO your body.

🗒️ Research:

  • Adaptiv double blind study: PubMed

  • The Essential Oil Science Behind Adaptiv: doTERRA Science

  • Inhalation of oils found in ADAPTIV increased serotonin and GABA levels in the brain, which reduced time to fall asleep and improved sleep quality: PubMed

  • A main oil in ADAPTIV was found to be a good option to reduce agitated behaviour in elderly individuals with dementia: Article

  • Frankincense, an oil in the Balance blend, has shown to promote positive mood and soothe feelings: doTERRA Science

  • Isolated constituents from frankincense (alpha-pinene and limonene) increased corticosterone production: PubMed


Our optimal health is naturally achieved through incremental daily habits, when it comes to our mental wellbeing, that could also look like seeking support, asking for help, and unapologetic, radical self-care.

One of the ways I support my own mental wellbeing is by leaning on the support of these powerful blends – because our emotions can actually be rewired and relearned, and I believe in the power & wisdom of Mother Nature to heal ourselves.

I also believe in the power of intention. Lean on these tools and use them as a reminder to breathe deeply, repeat mantra to yourself if that feels supportive, to. The key is the intention behind the action. You’re more powerful than you know.

Because both of these blends I’m sharing with you are for topical or aromatic use, I’ve already diluted in them in a little base of coconut oil for you:


  • In moments when you feel heavy emotions: Apply 2 drops to wrist and rub wrists together. Inhale deeply for 5 breaths while thinking about how you would like to feel in this moment. Do this several times throughout the day

  • Soak in a relaxing Epsom Salt bath by adding 3-4 drops to bath water (bath tips)

  • Add 3-4 drops to a diffuser

  • Use before stressful situations to help maintain composure


  • In moments when you feel scattered + want to feel more grounded: Inhale deeply for 5 breaths while thinking about how you would like to feel in this moment. Do this several times throughout the day.

  • Soak in a relaxing Epsom Salt bath by adding 3-4 drops to bath water (bath tips)

  • Add 3-4 drops to a diffuser

  • Massage 2-3 drops into chest before bed to promote a restful night’s sleep