March – Spring Reset

Q1 is officially over. That’s 25% of the year down.

This year I’ve been focusing on just ONE health habit to elevate my wellness each month.

My word of the year is FOCUS so I’m really, really trying hard to practice doing less, but better. It’s hard. I want to do it all. But the honest truth is I really can’t do it all. Not well. Can you relate?

In March I committed to doing (and leading) two seasonal cleanses each year, one in Spring (March) and one in Autumn (September).

Doing a cleanse as part of a group adds the extra accountability that ensures it gets done and remains fun and positive. So if you didn’t join this time around, why not register your interest in joining us in September for Reset and Renew: 30 Day Cleanse

Why Detox

Before I dive into my detox experience you might be wondering why even bother to detox? Doesn’t the liver take care of that anyway?

Well yes, and no.

Yes the liver, and kidneys, and skin, and digestive tract, are always working to keep things moving along and through and out, and the body is a marvel at always working to maintain health and balance….


… we live in a super toxic world.  We’re exposed to unprecedented amounts of environmental toxins.  On a physical level alone we’ve been exposed to around 80,000 new chemicals in the last 50 years or so. Our body’s are battling with these daily.

And that’s just physical.

Thanks to amazing technological innovations we’re now constantly connected, which takes its toll on our mental body. Every bit of information we’re exposed to takes up part of our attention, and fragments it. Every bit of information we take in, we have  to process. Think just how much you have to deal with and respond to on a daily basis?

Detox is about pressing the ‘pause’ button, or at least the ‘slow motion’ button so that we can start to process everything our physiology and psycho-spiritual body is expected to handle.

It’s an opportunity to focus on our self-care and refine how we’re living, so that we can operate at a higher level.

Is this you? When was the last time you updated your habits and elevated your lifestyle to operate at the next level?

I like the computer analogy. Imagine if every time you got a notification from your computer letting you know that there were updates to install, you just ignored it. Forever. What would happen? The computer would slow down, get problems and eventually break and become obsolete.

Same deal with our bodies. We have to reboot from time-to-time, ideally with the changing of the seasons.

So that’s that. Onto some insights and highlights from my detox this spring.

My Spring Detox

First off, I am still mid-cleanse, so it ain’t over yet, but I like to write about my monthly habit at the end of the month so here goes.

The 30-day cleanse I’ve been doing has three phases


💆🏻 Reset


I cleared out a lot of cupboards and drawers in phase 1, to create greater harmony in my space and start to let go of things that were clogging up space unnecessarily.

Phase one is all about getting ready for the cleanse. That means preparing our space, carving out time in our schedule, planning for success. Failing to plan is planning to fail, so these first 10 days are crucial. Plus it gives you time to slip into detox mode. Whatever you’re planning to do for your main detox, you can start experimenting with.

Juice pulp crackers! if you’re juicing make sure you do something useful with that pulp, don’t just let it go to waste!

I’ve been juicing lots of greens, starting my day with a fresh green juice, followed half an hour later by a super-charged cacao elixir (the fat in the cacao helps the nutrients from the juice get absorbed).

I’ve been drinking lots of water. This is crucial because the detoxification supplements I’ve been taking assist in liver detoxification, but you don’t just want to have toxins being released, and shaked up, and then left to float around. You want to get that stuff out, and water is a great way to help the body flush stuff out.


I’ve also been spending a lot more time offline and doing less of everything.  I’ve chosen two books to focus on during this period for inspiration, and can highly recommend both of them.

Essentialism keeps reminding me to be intentional about what I’m saying say and no to, and the Beauty Diet has so many great tips on healthy living and how to support your body with simple practices and nourishing foods and herbs.


The idea with a seasonal detox is that you pick up some upgrades, so that when you go back to regular life, you’ve actually elevated a few areas, or picked up some new healthy habits.

This time around I’ve really been cutting back on technology (a whole other post on this coming soon on my experiments with life without a smartphone!) but I’ve also picked up some simple practices and tools like…

Chaga and Charcoal

Activated charcoal. have you heard of it? Do you use it?

This natural and ancient substance is such a cool tool to have on hand. Charcoal absorbs toxins like a sponge so is great for detoxing. I was recommended charcoal tablets when I travelled through India, to help with any belly-troubles. The idea is that you take the charcoal and it sweeps through and attracts anything dodgy. then drags it right on outta you.

I even made myself a detoxifying juice by adding some to my green (now black) juice this morning. Not the most appetising, I know!

You can also make a simple face mask AND wash your teeth with it!!! Amaze-balls if ever there was amaze-balls.

And, as you look like something that’s returned from the dead, it’s also great for scaring the kids in your life 😉


Funnily enough, this stuff is great for whitening your teeth in a healthy natural way. I know, you wouldn’t expect it, but it does work a charm!

And chaga, ahhhh, medicinal mushroom tea, how I love thee now.

I’ve certainly been cugging-the-chaga ☕️ these past few weeks.

Considered the king of the medicinal mushrooms, it’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, antioxidant and has liver-protective properties. Its basically a bad-ass you want to be chugging on 👍🏾


💓 a teaspoon of chaga plus hot water. Enjoy the simplicity

Chaga Chai
💓 teaspoon of chaga
💓 water or a nut milk
💓 cinnamon, cloves, cardamon, ginger, teeny bit of black pepper
💓 maca (optional)
💓 dash of salt and some honey to sweeten if desired
Simmer for 20 minutes and then enjoy

💓 tablespoon of ceremonial cacao
💓 teaspoon of chaga
💓 hot water
💓 dash of cinnamon and sweetener is desired
– blitz in blender, pause, enjoy!


A quick tour of my juiciest juicing tips, including tutorial on that pulp cracker bread mentioned above.

The video’s  a bit ropey, but we’ve all got to start somewhere, right?

Heaps more ropey videos and fun resources in my Reset & Renew programme. Why not join us? You get lifetime access, so once you’re in, you’re in, and you can do this bi-annual reset with us every year. Sounds good, right?

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