Hey Gorgeous Goddess, are you tracking your cycle?
That’s Kali Ma there on the right there 👈 in case you were wondering, Goddess of death and destruction. She will f**k you up and then snack on your bits (but only the you that isn’t really you, the egoic-you). She pretty much destroys anything that isn’t TRUTH so you can experience the freedom on the other side of all the bullshit. Oh, and, she dances around naked and wild. #lifegoal
One of the most impactful acts of self-love that I’ve engaged in in recent years is tracking my cycle. If you’re a woman I cannot stress how HUUUGEEE this is.
Did I mention this is HUGE??
So if you’re not doing it, do it already!!
It’s probably the most powerful and simple action you can take for the feminist cause, and here’s why: Man is still the assumed norm in our culture. So anything that doesn’t look, feel, or act like a man is not very well understood AT ALL, even by many of us women, who are often behaving a lot like men in order to fit into and get by in the masculine world we find ourselves in. (*btw the masculine is great, love you guys, I’m just not one myself. I have different needs, requirements and desires, which is what this whole cycle-tracking is about*)
When we start to pay attention to our own body and notice her cycles, her inbuilt rhythm, we get access to the truth of who were, the full-spectrum truth. The ebbs and flows.
The light and the darkness.
The love-as-big-as-the-universe.
And the do-not-speak-to-me-rage.
AND IT’S ALL GOOD. All of it.
You might think that the menstrual and pre-menstrual bit of the cycle is a pain. It might literally be a pain. But that’s because we’ve been culturally conditioned to avoid the pain and the darkness that’s part and parcel of life. We’ve been conditioned to be ALWAYS ON AND PERKY.  But that’s just a sliver of who we actually are as full-spectrum whole-istic beings.
One or two days a month I experience a lot of rage. And that’s a bloody (pun intended) good thing. There’s a lot to be pissed about. And rather than it knock around in the shadows, in the unseen parts of my psyche where it wrecks havoc anyway, this is THE TIME to bring it out, take a good look at it, and then do something about it.
If you want a HILARIOUS insight into what happens if we don’t accept that we need to slow down and turn inwards (and perhaps avoid ALL people) at certain points of our cycle, then read this…go pee first because if your bladder is full you’ll definitely let out a bit of wee laughing so hard at these stories.
Tracking your cycle is SUCH an act of self-care because you get to know yourself deeeeeply. You get to understand the whole complex truth of who you are, the joy and the pain. This is an act of rebellion, sinking into your full, cyclical, authentic self, embracing all parts of yourself, in a world that still very much presents 2D-snooze-fest-images of what it is to be a woman.  Our power is not reflected out there, so we have to discover inside, and then bring this out to fix the wonky narrative.
I’m sad that no-one told me about the importance of my cycle earlier in life, sad that I’ve missed out on so much wisdom that was right in my body all along.  I’m making up for lost time now. And if you too have been missing out on this lady-magic, then don’t miss out any further.
Start to track your cycle.  Jot down just a few words each day that sum up your experience. Takes less than a minute, your experience is worth documenting, you’re worth a few moments of your time each day (at least!).
Notice your ebbs and flows, and as much as possible organise your life accordingly, to fit around the reality of YOU, rather than trying to fit yourself around a reality that doesn’t really serve you.
You can grab a free tracker over here to get you started.
And if you want more information here’s my Lady Magic reading list  over on amazon.

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