How to Trust Yourself So Deeply That You Become Unf**kwithable

*Apologies for the terrible video quality, staying with my parents and the internet is…well.*

How do you like the idea of becoming an unfuckwithable force in the world? Yeah me too. I like it a lot.

This is the journey I’ve been on in recent years, this last one especially. To stop feeling like a scared little girl and start feeling like a powerful women with roots planted deep enough into truth that no gust of wind or other force can pull me off kilter. Not for long anyhows.

DoTERRA essential oils were the gateway drug…to this magical, mysterious and empowering experience.  

You see, there’s an intelligence, a force greater than ourselves, that exists within us and all around us. When you develop the eyes to see it, and the heart to feel it, when you align and work with this powerful force? Well, she lends you her power. Your no longer a fragile ego feeling scared and alone (that little girl I mentioned) but something much bigger.

I want to share with you three core beliefs that I kinda had as I began my journey with doTERRA, but which have become rock solid 2 years on.

If you share these beliefs, or if you are a wannabe believer (like I was), then you should definitely open a doTERRA account and see for yourself. Go on, just take that damn red pill already and start waking up to your own magic. 

Core belief number 1

quoteCore belief 1: YOU are the authority. Your wise woman is ready to be activated. There is no power outside yourself that comes anywhere near the authority that lies within you.

I love this quote from Kate Northup, she nails it, as usual. (Def check out her instagram account).

We seem to love to hand our power over, pass it to someone ‘out there’. I get it, it’s easier to do that. It might feel safer. But that’s because you haven’t learned to trust yourself yet. Because our culture teaches us not to. It infantilises us.

Let’s look at health and wellbeing, cause that’s my jam. We have a tendency to believe that the doctor knows more about our health than we do. This makes no actual sense. Doctors know very little about health, nevermind our particular state-of-health.

Disease? Yeah, they know more about that. They’re trained to manage disease and try to control and tame it, often via pills that suppress symptoms. Sometimes that’s what you need. But this is a very narrow way to look at your health. 

Doctors are often coming at your health from a specific worldview that sees disease as some random thing that jumps out at your from behind the sofa.  Separate from the rest of you. Separate from the rest of your life. They don’t dig deeper or connect the dots.  They don’t really have the time, training or access to the information that would allow them to do that. It’s not their remit, and it’s actually not fair to put that responsibility onto them.

Does that mean doctors are pointless? Hell no! A part of my knee fell apart last year and started orbiting my knee joint. It was weird and preventing my knee from bending properly. I needed surgery to remove it. The surgeon was wonderful. The hospital experience was great. Everyone super skilled at their jobs.

BUT no-one there could tell me WHY this happened. Or how to stop it happening again. Root cause is not within their remit. The deeper emotional and spiritual reasons why you end up sick and in hospital are not something that your standard medical practitioner is equipped to handle or understand.

They’re firefighters, helping you out when things have gone so far that you need intervention.

So I had the surgery AND I got deep into communion with my body and asked her, hey, what is up? What are you trying to tell me. Lots of things in turns out. I learned a lot by diving within and doing the work of taking responsibility from one’s self.  But only I could have done this. Only I can look at everything and assess what’s actually happening to my and why. 

I am the ultimate authority on me and my experience. And YOU are the authority on YOU.

Fun fact, this is from Christiane Northrup (another legend) “25%-30% of patients in primary care are using it to get their emotional needs met”.  I get it, we’re desperate for more depth in our lives, but we’re the authority and it’s our responsibility to examine what’s going on for us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and how this all inter-relates.  We’re the authority, and from that place we can then seek out help or support as necessary.

Core belief number 2

Core belief 2: My body is the source of my authority. Not my mind, which is liable to get confused, but my body. The body never lies. She doesn’t know how to.

When we re-source, tap back into the actual source of our authority and power, our body, it doesn’t matter how much confusing information we’re bombarded with, our body won’t get confused, she’ll guide us in the right direction, always.

When you believe this and start living from this place you have access to all the wisdom you need.  No headache, just deep cellular knowing.

When you go to a doctors, continuing with this example, what do they usually do?  They look at your body to assess what’s up. They get their information from YOUR BODY. Your body is the fucking authority….that is telling them what is up…

And guess who has unfettered access to your body. YOU!!  The doctor, or nurse, or whoever you’re getting advice from on your health, has limited access to you and your body. They are basing their assessment and recommendations on a limited assessment of your physical body as it presents in that moment.

You are way more than a snapshot in time. You are more than your physical body. A disease or set of symptoms, is just the tip of the iceberg. Only you can really assess the whole big chunk that is the WHOLE of you and largely unseeable by another.

The doctor doesn’t know what you’re thinking, feeling, what stresses your under, what unresolved trauma is knocking around in your bones, the doctor doesn’t know what lifestyle you have, what people you’re hanging with…they really don’t have much access to information at all. So how could they be the authority on your health?

Your body is the authority. Pay attention to her messages and you will be richly rewarded and effortlessly guided.

Aches, pain, stiffness, headaches, not sleeping well, bloating….all the niggles that we often ignore and brush off as insiginificant are signals, messages, they are the body communicating to us that something needs out attention….and if we ignore the whispers the whispers become a roar, and then we go to the doctor whos trained in identifiyind different favlours of body roar and give us a name for it and maybe some drugs to cover it up…..but there’s so much we can do on the preventative end so that we don’t end up in that situation, or at least not very often….

And this isn’t a case of either/or, as per the example of me and my knee.

Core belief number 3

Core belief 3

Nature has the wisdom and answers we’re really seekeing.

If you believe core belief no 2, that our body is not something that breaks down randomly and needs to be ontrolled and fixed, but actually an intelliegnet self-regulating orgaism with more widom than you can incense shake a stick at that is communicating with us at atll times…the natural world, mother nature, the earth and everything that grows on her, is the same. Our bodies are the mico-cosm, or micro-organism, of the macro-organism that is planet earth. Gaia. Nature baby.

There’s an intellignece that runs through our bodies and there’s an intellignece that runs through nature. Its the same beautiful intelligence.

The Oils

So what’s this all got to do with DoTERRA? These oils were the gateway drug that opened my heart to the above.  Its’ one thing to nod along and understand this intellectually, it’s another to have this experience alive in your cells. To embody this wisdom with every fibre of your being. So that when the proverbial shit hits the fan, you are rock solid in your faith in all of this. You are rock solid in your power. You are rooted AF in truth.

These oils were the gateway to experiencing and living this wisdom from my body. It’s like they activated something in my cells. An ancient knowing, forgotten wisdom.

I’m exploring lots of holistic modalities now, homeopathy, flower essences, herbs…but these oils. They were the gateway and I’d recommend you start there too.  For a start, they smell amazing, so they can easily capture your interest long enough for you to experience the deeper power. 

People often aren’t quite sure about working with  these oils, like do they really work? And I get it…for one there are a lot of natural products out there that aren’t natural at all, or so heavily diluted with goddess-only-knows, that you use them, they don’t work and you lose heart somewhat….gosh I’ve been there.

There is also the tendency in our pill-popping, split-screen living world to want instant results that are big bang flash flash. But nature’s doesn’t always work like that. In fact she hardly ever does. Re-aligning with nature and letting her support you takes a minute. Takes some faith and patience. But gosh is it worth.

It also takes a bit of faith and belief, in the above three concepts. Because you know what? If you don’t believe the three concepts above to be true, at least on some level, if you don’t want to believe, then you’re not going to bother to work with the oils and really develop a connection with them. And if you don’t do that, they can’t help you. So if that’s you, this isn’t for you. Spend your money elsewhere.

But if you believe in magic? If you believe in yourself?  If you hear the tug in your heart already that this is something you should experience for yourself? If a deeper part of you knows that what I’m saying here is truth. Then you most definitely should. And I promise, one day you’ll wonder what the heck you ever did without these in your holistic medicine cabinet.

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