How to Make Your Own All-Purpose Green Cleaning Spray with Just Three Ingredients

I’m making the most of life at home to do my spring detox. Here’s a super simple detox recipe, swap out your synthetic-chemical-loaded cleaning sprays with this 3 ingredient super easy to make all-purpose cleaning spray.

One challenge I hear about a lot is the difficulty in being consistent with healthy habits and lifestyle choices. The biggest mistake we make when trying to shift our lives up a notch is trying to do too much too soon. That just sets us up for failure and springing back to square one.

Try this instead, pick one small thing that you use or do every day – like the cleaning spray you use to clean your surfaces – and make a simple swap to something better, like this recipe given here.  It’s easy to do, and the power lies in the fact that one small swap sets you up for a big win over the long haul as you now doing something healthier every day.

Once this simple swap is integrated and woven into the flow of your life, move onto another simple swap. Other simple things to look at, what are you brushing your teeth with? Moisturizing your skin with? Washing your clothes with?

If you try to do everything you’ll end up overwhelmed and doing nothing. Keep it so simple that you cannot fail to make small steady progress.

Will you make your own green cleaning spray? Or are you already a green-cleaning-maven?

The Oils

If you’re digging the above but don’t have doTERRA in your hands yet, you’re going to want these tools. These are fundamental component of my holistic medicine cabinet. In fact, they were the gateway drug that reminded me just how much power I have to create a health and wellbeing experience that feels great from deep within and all the way out. AND prepares me for anything.

If you’re feeling called to care for yourself holistically and remember the forgotten wisdom of plants, doTERRA is a great place to start.

Here’s what these oils helped me do:

💖 stop eating my emotions and start feeling them (and all the healing that comes with that)

💖 get out of my head and into my body and heart (impossible to do if you’re avoiding your emotions)

💖 experience a deeper connection to the world around me by developing a capacity to directly perceive the world around me via my body and emotions (not my mind which is easily confused!)

💖 ground myself in a deeper truth. The intelligence of nature is the deeper truth we’re seeking, it runs through our bodies and everything around us. When we align to this we feel deeply support, deeply held and deeply safe. I am so grateful for these deep roots during this windy time.

Here’s my very special limited offer to you this month:

Join doTERRA with any starter kit this month (March 2020) using the link below and you’ll:

💝 Receive 50 free product points to spend on whatever you want (that’s about £40, offer only valid in Europe)

💝 Get a 20-minute starter session with me to assess your primary health goal and ensure you have a clear idea of how your essential oils can assist with this and how to integrate them into your daily routine.

💝 Receive a free one-week trial of The Balance Blueprint, my signature system for creating and sustaining balance and the conditions for health in your daily life.

💝 Trigger a donation to TreeSister that will result in 20 trees planted.

If you’ve been thinking to get these tools in your life. It’s time.

Not sure which starter kit to get, or how to open an account? I have some 15 minute starter sessions available this month. Click the link to book one and we’ll have you set up in a jiffy with your oils winging their way to you on a flying carpet in no-time.

Are you in our private facebook group yet? It’s where all the fun happens. Our theme this month is water: drinking it, appreciate it, bathing in it…and so much more to inspire you to make the most of this foundational piece in your holistic health puzzle.  Click the Join Now button to come hang with us.

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