How to Forest Bathe…From Your Living Room

Born to Forest Bathe

You’ve probably heard of forest bathing and how beneficial it is for us. It’s the practice of consciously going out into the woods to reap the benefits of simply being in a natural environment.

We evolved with the natural world so our bio-rhymes are linked to the rhythms of nature. We are happiest and healthiest when this connection is strong.  The old adage early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise nods to this long-standing truth. We’ve evolved to rise and rest with the sun, to eat the plants and animals in our environment.  Being close to nature brings us home to ourselves, it harmonises our body.

The Modern Dilemma

But it’s tricky in today’s world. We live in houses, often in cities, cut off from the natural world around us. We often have little contact with the source of our food.  We’re constantly exposed to EMFs and junk light via all our wonderful devices. In evolutionary terms this is all VERY new information for  our ancient-monkey-bodies.

What’s in a Forest?

A Japanese scientist named Qing Lil wondered what it was exactly about being in the forests that improved health measures such as our hormone levels and blood pressure. He suspected that it might be the aromatic molecules given off by the trees.

He ran a little experiment with some subjects in two hotel rooms. In one room he diffused cypress essential oil and in the control room nothing was diffused. Those in the cypress room showed a 20% increase in cells that are vital for immune function and reported feeling less fatigued. The control group reported no changes.

While there’s obviously nothing quite like going into the woods and doing a full 360 degree immersion in nature, it’s good to know we can bring a bit of the forest into our homes and still reap some of the benefits.

Grab a good quality essential oil and diffuse away. My favourite oil right now for full-foresty-feelz is cedarwood.  It’s like an aromatic hug from a tree. What’s your favourite oil?

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