The blueprint that makes feeling great your default

(if you’re ‘too busy for self-care’ this is for YOU!)

Well hello 2020, Hello New Decade, and Hello to the Balance Blueprint

You  may know I’ve been working hard to put together my first online course and the Balance Blueprint is finally ready. Hurrah!

This is a self-care course for women who feel like they’re too busy for self-care. It’s a step-by-step guide to easily implementing, integrating, and automating the fundamentals of self-care into your daily routine, so that feeling awesome becomes your default. The idea is that the simple stuff presented here becomes just like brushing your teeth, so that self-care isn’t separate or something you have to do, but just who you are and how you roll.

I was inspired to make this after I threw myself into mothering and had my physical body (who is WAAAAAY wiser than my mind btw (see story above about feeling sensations over listening to the mind-chatter) breakdown in a wake-up call. Lots and lots of deep realisations came from this, which you’ll hear all about if you enter the prize draw below, but essentially it boiled down to this “WTF am I modelling for my daughter here?”

So this blueprint is what I practice to lead my life with my wellbeing as the priority, because that’s the only place I can really serve and enjoy life from, and it’s what I want my daughter to soak up as her ‘normal’ baseline.

How you treat yourself is not just about you, but a vote for how you think everyone around you should treat themselves too. When you love and care for yourself you give permission and model it for others to. And if you have kids, how you treat yourself becomes how they treat themselves. So it matters, it matters deeply.

If you’re curious, wanna learn more, want a serious discount coupon so you can road-test the brilliant blueprint for a steal, AND fancy entering a celebratory prize-giveaway and possibly winning once these beautiful Daily Greatness Journals, then click the link below and let’s go!

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