Health, Healing and Eczema

What does health mean to you?

What does health mean to you? Is it simply the absence of disease?  The absence of symptoms that prevent you from clocking in, doing your hours and refilling your bank account periodically? 

Is it a purely physical thing?

Or is it emotional, mental, and spiritual also? Do you believe that these latter realms are as important as the physical? Or have you not given it too much thought?

When something goes awry with your body, do you ask it what it’s trying to tell you? Or do you accept it as random-malfunction, or perhaps bad luck? And proceed to manage and control as best you can?

Who’s responsible for your health? Is it doctors? Nurses? The government? Do they actually understand true health? Or are they simply doing their best to firefight specific sickness and acute issues as and when they arise?

Holistic health starts by paying attention and asking why…

There’s been some serious head-scratching and mulling over of all of the above over here at inspiredlifeHQ. 

It all started a few weeks ago when my two year old had a pretty bad eczema flare up that looked like it was going to engulf her whole body. 

The doctors diagnose eczema…they all get it, they say…she’ll probably grow out of it eventually, here’s some petroleum to rub on it.  

But that’s not really a diagnosis. That’s just a description. 

WHY do they all get eczema? Why? And why don’t we ask why? Why are we happy with this situation? 

Are you a patch-things up and hope for the best kinda gal? Or are you a lemme get to the root cause and let’s deal with this properly kinda gal?

I’m definitely the latter. The frustrating toddler that keeps asking, but whhhhhhhyyyy…..

What I’ve realised these last few weeks is that if you want to discover root causes, access the deeper meanings and find your way to real healing…that’s a path you have to walk yourself.  

Too often we put all our faith, power and ultimately responsibility ‘out there’. 

We get ‘white-coat-man-of-authorty syndrome’. But the people we put our faith in are working with limited information and can only give us a tiny piece of the puzzle. 

Her eczema’s more or less cleared up now, for now, but I had to do a lot of personal research and experimenting with things not within the mainstream. 

Here’s a non-mainstream approach to health. Pay attention and ask your body (or your child’s) what it’s actually trying to tell you.

As far as I’ve been able to discover the body doesn’t malfunction. Eczema, and other such symptoms, are signs, helpful signals if you will, alerting us to the fact that something needs our attention.  

Often the medical response will be to manage and mask symptoms. But the symptoms are not the actual, real, root cause problem. They’re just symptoms. Superficial messengers alerting us to something being up. And if we simply suppress them, the body will have to find another way to get our attention, often by speaking even louder. 

And thank hey for that. 

Imagine if our bodies couldn’t warn us with rashes, spots, snot or whatever…that something was up? 

We would just mindlessly plow on with no awareness as to whether what we were doing was good or not. 

So the first step in holistic health and holistic healing is to understand and appreciate that our bodies are incredibly wise and always sending us helpful signals.

So when something like eczema comes up, ask your body, or your  child’s, what’s up? What are you trying to tell me? What’s aggravating you? 

Slow down, pay attention, use your intuition. 

These aren’t things we’re taught, but if we want to experience real holistic (WHOLE-SYSTEM) health, I believe this the foundation. And I believe only we ourselves have the power to claim this level of health for ourselves.

No-one cares or knows as much about your own health as you do!

I’ll do another post soon on the various things I tried and what I think helped most with the eczema, but the takeaway here is that everyone is unique and each situation is unique.

There’s no one authority out there that can tell you what is up with you, or your child.  You and your bodies have all the information you need, and all you need is a willingness to listen patiently and work with your wonderful body. 

As an example of what I mean here. One thing I did consistently which I believe helped is warmed up a high quality coconut oil and added a few drops of copaiba oil. I then massaged her body several times a day, including before and after bath times.  This oil massaging is an ancient ayurvedic practice, called Abhyanga.

Not only is it deeply nourishing for the skin, but the practice itself involves the healing power of your own hands, your own touch, which if done with intention is all the more powerful. If done with intention you’re also paying close attention and receiving information via your hands about what is up.  It’s also soothing for the nervous system and so it’s a simple practice that creates connectivity with yourself, or with your child, and works to heal on the physical level but also on deeper levels. 

Was this the only thing I did that I think helped? No. I took a WHOLE-istic approach and worked from different angles, but this is definitely one thing that helped.

This practice is somewhat time consuming, yes. But can you see how it might offer a different level of healing than simply covering up the eczema with a cream that just adds a layer on-top of the skin and temporarily masks the symptom of a deeper issue?

Now, given that I sell essential oils you might expect me to give you a list of ‘5  essential oils for eczema’, but that’s not what I’m going to offer here.

The truth is I tried numerous essential oils before seeing any results. Lavender and Frankincense and a handful of others that were listed in some of my oil books.  I made numerous balms that didn’t seem to do much at all, in some cases they even seemed to aggravate the situation.

Does that mean those oils are crap and don’t work? No. We have to get out of binary thinking if we want to access real healing.

As I really dropped into this healing process and paid more attention copaiba came to my awareness of its own accord.  While the other oils I’d tried seemed to aggravate, copaiba seemed to sooth brilliantly.

Does that mean the other oils are less good and copaiba is the one? Nope. 

Our current model makes us want quick and easy solutions. You’ve got x take y, you’ve got y take z. But taking responsibility for your whole health and finding holistic ways to heal requires time, patience, and the willingness to get to know yourself deeply along with enough self-trust to experiment. 

It’s time-consuming, I won’t lie, but it’s incredibly empowering to become the authority on your own health. 

With so much confusing and conflicting information out there, I encourage you to pay attention to what’s real and what’s true FOR YOU: your own perfect body which has more wisdom in a single cell than you’ll find in a million books or articles.

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