Fermentation 101

I’ve re-kindled my interest in fermentation recently. Read: I’m obsessed with fermenting. Everything.

So I thought I’d invite someone much more knowledgeable than me onto the blog to share her wisdom, the loveliness that is Veena.

My focus right now is on all the ways and all the things I can do to be my own healer. I want to learn how to care for myself so I can feel great right now, but also so I can nurture a body/mind/spirit that’s strong,  resilient and able to handle whatever life flings my way next.

With a holistic approach to health there isn’t just ONE thing that alone is going to make you strong and healthy. As Veena notes fermentation isn’t a silver bullet. But it is one of many techniques that we can have in our toolkit and that together help support our bodies in expressing their full potential for vibrant health.

Here’s some of the things we cover:

💚 What is fermentation exactly?

💚 Why would we want to ferment food ourselves?

💚 What are the benefits of eating fermented foods?

💚 What’s the difference between a prebiotic and a probiotic + what these are.

💚 Why bacteria are brilliant (and how we’re basically a fancy bacteria ourselves!)

💚 Which foods you can ferment.

💚 Why, just as with nourishing herbal infusions, fermented foods are also the people’s medicine, plus some chit-chat on the topic of food as medicine.

And so much more in between!

Enjoy, and please leave a comment below to let us know what you found most interesting or useful. 💚

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The Oils

If you’re digging the above but don’t have doTERRA in your hands yet, you’re going to want these tools. These are a fundamental component of my holistic medicine cabinet. In fact, they were the gateway drug that reminded me just how much power I have to create a health and wellbeing experience that feels great from deep within and all the way out. AND prepares me for anything.

If you’re feeling called to care for yourself holistically and remember the forgotten wisdom of plants, doTERRA is a great place to start.

Here’s what these oils helped me do:

💖 stop eating my emotions and start feeling them (and all the healing that comes with that)

💖 get out of my head and into my body and heart (impossible to do if you’re avoiding your emotions)

💖 experience a deeper connection to the world around me by developing my capacity to perceive directly (i.e. direct human-plant communication)

💖 attune to and ground myself in truth. The intelligence of nature is the deeper truth we’re seeking, it runs through our bodies and everything around us. When we start working with something this pure, anything that isn’t a vibrational match for truth gets highlighted fairly quickly and the things that don’t serve us become much easier to release, they just fall away.

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