Are you Feeling It?

Oh HEY December.  I hope you’re all enjoying the sweet feeling of surrender and completion that often comes along at this time of year.

If you’ve been following my shenanigans along these past six months you’ll know I’ve been busy beavering away producing my Balance Blueprint course.

As part of this endeavour I’ve been learning all about the world of online sales and marketing. Most recently I’ve been learning about pain points. If you’re not familiar with the term it simply refers to the fact that you can only help someone with a product or service if you understand the thing that is really causing them pain and which they would like to take action on to resolve.

In my obsession for TRUTH I went on a self-exploration to uncover my own deepest pains.

My course is awesome but I’ve been trying to understand how it might reeeeeallly help someone. What’s the big shift it can assist with.

Boy did I discover a big bag of 💩💩💩💩.

Not just my own 💩,  Ancestral 💩 Trans-generational 💩. The pain of women everywhere over the last 8,000 years. The pain of the oppressed, suppressed, almost entirely lost-power of the feminine in our hyper-masculine world.


Phew. It’s been pretty heavy going over here.

I’ve had all this ‘stuff’ simmering under the surface since forever. But never really knew what to do with it, or even what it was, until I heard another woman talk about how this was a thing and she had dealt with it it, and yep it was painful, but ultimately super healing. It was a lightbulb on moment for me.

Hearing her talk broke me down. She gave voice to the mother of all pains, literally, the pain of being a woman in this world. I’ve literally had a breakdown this last month.

Everything I thought I knew about myself has turned out to be false. I’m re-writing my story, re-writing history, and FEEELING all of it. in fact, that is the process.

FEEL all the FEELZ. All of them. Every last one.

I’ve spent my whole life suppressing my feelings and emotions, but not even realising I was doing it. No one taught me this was actually my  🔥superpower🔥as a woman.

Our capacity as women to FEEEEEL deeply is not a weakness or an annoying thing that gets in the way of getting on and being productive and assertive and bla bla bla…it’s it’s very own veritable  psycho-spiritual superpower.

As women especially, our bodies are wired for channeling big, wild emotions that bring with them deep wisdom and connect us to planes beyond the limited mental plane that our culture so enjoys operating in.

Big wild emotions are not usually met with approval or encouragement or a welcoming of the deeper wisdom they might bring us, not just to us women experiencing them, but to humanity. The vibe we get is more like there, there…why don’t you put that stuff away.

But this is a big mistake. When we fear and avoid our emotions, because they’re unruly, unpredictable and irrational to the mind…we fear and avoid ourselves.  We fear and avoid nature and life itself.  We turn away from our most potent power, our intuition, our capacity to know through the intelligence built right into our body.

I’ve had a lifelong issue with emotional eating. Since opening this pandora’s box of emotions and getting super real and wild and feeling it all…the emotional eating has disappeared. Just like that.  BOOM.

So this is a long email to say this:

If you’re a woman especially, I see you.

Your body is intelligent beyond belief.

Your body has all the answers you’re seeking.

Trust it.

It doesn’t break down randomly.

If something is up, it’s a signal that something is up.

If you’re not feeling quite right, you’re not broken, your wise-beyond-belief body is sending you signs. It’s inviting you into a deeper exploration of yourself. It’s inviting you to peel back the layers to find the wisdom inherent in you.

Whether it’s eczema, headaches, hormonal issues, emotional eating, anxiety or cancer. What’s the deeper meaning? What are you being invited to see?

Our body has all the answers, we just need to learn how to listen deeply.

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