Do you orient to life from a space of fear?

One of the first lines in the ancient yoga text, the yoga sutras is sthira sukham asanam”, which literally means that a yogi’s posture (asana) should be steady (sthira) and comfortable (sukha).

On the superficial level we might take this to mean that our physical yoga postures, and even how we hold our bodies generally, should aim to be steady and comfortable. Sure.

But on a deeper level I think this is really about the space from which we orient to life. Our orientation to life if you will.

Are we orienting to life from a place of love, a steady and comfortable place that’s deeply rooted in the truth of who we are.

Or from a place of fear, a deeply unsteady and uncomfortable place that’s rooted in disconnection and confusion as to the nature of reality. At least that’s why I believe, and I’d hazard that most people with a spiritual practice would largely agree also that this is the deeper truth behind the fear.

And yet, how much of what we think, feel and ultimately do comes from a space of fear? Honestly??

I’ve only really started to unravel the layers of fear in myself these last few weeks. It started with getting honest about the fears inherent with being a women in a world with a long history of not being altogether friendly and supportive of women.  I won’t go into all the details here, but I just want to invite you to create space in your own life to examine your fears, bring them out to the light, look at where they’ve come from, why you carry them, who perpetuates them and why, and who benefits from any fears you may carry.

There’s rich fodder in examining our own fears. I’ve found that many of my own fears are not actually my own. They’ve been manufactured externally and I’ve unconsciously internalised them. As I’ve peeled these away I’ve discovered a new space of freedom, power and clarity.

As an aside, if you’re a menstruating woman, you have the opportunity to zone out at menstruation and zone in to another stream of consciousness that brings with it rich wisdom. I encourage you to explore this if you’re not already doing so.  Menstruation is a powerful female siddhi (superpower) that’s still largely untapped. Here’s the message I received after my last cycle: Explore your fears and find the deeper truth behind them. This is important if you want to know your true power, because when you’re afraid you give your power away.

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