• Meet my friend

Let me introduce you to a dear friend of mine.

She’s intelligent, beautiful, mysterious, and a touch magical.

Mother Nature

In a world where our senses are continuously battered with untruths, fake news, synthetic products, highly-processed lab-made-edible-food-like-substances…and on it goeth….Mother Nature is always there, patiently waiting to point us back to the Truth underlying the madness. Waiting to bring us back to ourselves. Back to our senses.

Why Use Essential Oils

With most of us living totally alienated from nature and suffering the myriad consequences of ‘nature-deficit-disorder’,  essential oils represent a simple and accessible way to infuse and supercharge our body, mind, emotions, home and whole lifestyle with the power of nature.

If you’re a health-lover, these DoTERRA oils will end up in your self-care toolkit sooner or later.  They are mother nature’s gift to anyone who’s ready to live a high-vibe supernatural life.

If you’re not ready yet, that’s OK. They have a way of entering your consciousness and your life at just the right time. Read on, and listen out for the calling.

What are Essential Oils

Not just smellies, that’s for sure! Let’s dive into the magical world of nature’s intelligence.

Unlike humans and mammals, plants growing out in the wild can’t run away from predators, or turn the heating on when they get nippy. They have no weapons or clothing, or anything to ensure their health and survival, except their innate intelligence, the natural chemical compounds mother nature’s gifted them.

A lemon for example, has chemical compounds in its rind that ward off insects, bacteria, viruses etc..that could otherwise destroy it.  So you’ll find many essential oils are naturally anti-bacterial, purifying, germ-destroying, or naturally cleansing etc….because they need to be. In essence, they are the plant’s immunity. The plant’s intelligence. Its consciousness, its life-force.

Pretty epic, huh?

When we use these oils the plant’s gift us their immunity and their intelligence.

Here’s just one example of why this is epic shit you want in your life. The compounds in the plant, alive with nature’s intelligence, are so friggin wise that they can distinguish between healthy bacteria (of which there is LOTS btw!) and harmful bacteria, or pathogens.

So unlike your dettol-kills-99%-of-bacteria-spray, when you use a homemade plant-powered cleaning spray, made from say, oooo, lemon essential oil, the essential oil will target the bad stuff while leaving the good stuff.

The intelligence of nature can discern and protect, without disrupting harmony. It does this in our bodies, minds, homes and anywhere else we choose to use them.

Is your mind blown yet?

Why DoTERRA?…….


Sounds great, my local health food shop/amazon/garage sell essential oils super cheap, I’ll go buy a 10-pack for a tenner and get cracking!

Please don’t!

Natural products have no regulating board so you really have to have your wits about you.  “100% Pure” and “100 Natural” on a label literally mean nothing. You have to dig beneath the labels, clever marketing and enticing low-price to really understand what you’re getting.

There are so many factors that affect the final quality of the essential oil that ends up in your hands:

  • Where was the plant grown? Was it grown in the place on earth where it grows indigenously? Where the soil composition, the climate, the humidity, the rainfall etc is ideal for that plant to flourish as nature intended?
  • Was it grown without pesticides, herbicides? Was it grown where the air is fresh, or on the side of a motorway?
  • Were the plants tended to properly, harvested at just the right time? Or were they harvested early to increase profitability or make money faster?
  • Were they processed gently, carefully and patiently to preserve the potency of the compounds in the plant? Or was the processing speeded up through the use of chemicals to make the whole thing more profitable?
  • Were the people who planted, harvested and produced the plants paid a fair wage for their services to our planet and to our health? Was their work valued and appreciated, were they enabled to enjoy doing this work, work that sustains their families and communities? Or were they taken advantage of and paid the absolute minimum price possible?
  • Are the oils tested by a third party once produced to ensure they are indeed 100% pure? Can you view the results of those tests yourself?

To summarise, you get what you pay for.

DoTERRA are committed to taking the greatest care at every step of the process to ensure the oil that ends up in your hands is the highest quality oil possible.


In an industry with no transparency and no regulating body,  DoTERRA stand out by creating total transparency around the quality of their oils.  

They are the ONLY essential oil company to have every single batch of oils independently tested by a third party AND make these test results available to YOU the consumer.

SourceToYou.com provides all the facts you need to know so you can be sure exactly what’s in every bottle of doTERRA oil you purchase.


DoTERRA source these beautiful plant essences from over 40 countries, many of which are developing nations.

People tending to and harvesting plants in developing nations have not always received the best deals or renumeration from those in the West on the receiving end.

DoTERRA is changing that through their Co-Impact Sourcing model.

Rather than buying up lots of land around the world so they can own the farms and plants themselves, they pair with the communities already in the relevant areas and build partnerships. They help them form co-operatives and agree long-term contracts that allow communities to rise out of poverty and plan for a better future.

This four minute video shows you what you need to know:

Healing Hands

Healing Hands is doTERRA’s non-profit foundation, funded by the members, employees and executives of the company.

Not satisfied with simply bringing the best quality essential oils to the world and supporting the communities that source and produce the oils, DoTERRA wants to bring healing and hope to the world, for lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant.

Healing Hands offers support to Operation Underground Railroad, also known as OUR, an organization committed to rescuing as many children as possible from sex trafficking in several countries, with operations happening regularly. Donations to the Healing Hands foundations also help fund the construction of safe house facilities in Thailand, Cambodia and Haiti where rescued children are educated, cared for and rehabilitated in safety back to freedom.

Days for Girls is another organization doTERRA supports through their Healing Hands foundation. This organization seeks to provide every girl in the world the education, safety, and dignity that they deserve through direct distribution of sustainable feminine hygiene. Without this support women across the world miss opportunities to learn and grow as they are kept aside from their societies for the duration of their cycle each month.  

More than 1 in 10 girls in Sub-Saharan Africa, 113 million adolescent girls in India, and 30% of girls from rural areas of Brazil would miss school each year without the help of Days for Girls.

Community, Culture, Education

When you pick up some oils and other health products from your local health shop, you pay your cash, get your goodies, and it’s transaction over.

When you purchase DoTERRA through a Wellness Advocate like me, that transaction is not the end but the beginning. You don’t just get your incredible products, you get ME, my support and care, all the education you need to take your health and wellbeing to the next level, as well as access to a whole community of people at the leading edge of proactive health-care and self-care (it’s the same thing, right?). You join our tribe.

Are you ready to receive something this good into your life?

Everything you need to know to get started is in this handy guide Or here’s the quickstart version if you’re pressed for time and just want some instructions on ordering a kit now. 

Still not sure?

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