I’m currently studying the magical and mysterious world of essential oils with Tiffany Carole. Her Healing Oil Collective is a beautiful guided journey to connecting more deeply and intuitively with plant consciousness.  

Each month we study and work with a new essential oil. Essential oils are concentrated plant prana. That’s plant intelligence, or consciousness, in a bottle.  I’ve found essential oils to be a super accessible way to start working with the healing power of plants. And the great thing is, anyone can purchase some essential oils and begin this work.

Now, if you’re going to communicate with the spirit of the plant, you’re going to need some actual, real, like really, real essential oils.

A synthetic liquid that smells like lavender is not actually lavender. 

If you don’t already know about the confusing world of quality discrepancy on the essential oil market,  and if you need ideas of where to buy true essential oils for this work, check out this blog. you’re welcome!

If you want to go and buy the oils I use head over here.

Now to it. 

What you’ll need

💜 A quiet spot and 30 minutes

💜The oil you want to work with

💜A timer

💜A pen & paper

Basic Instructions

✨Find a quiet space, free from distractions. If you have a meditation spot already, great, if not, just get yourself in a space where you can relax, be still, and be undisturbed for a short spell.

✨Some nice things to do to create a sacred space for meditation include lighting a candle, or taking a few deep breaths to settle in.

✨Make sure you have whichever essential oil you plan to work with to hand, obviously! Just work with one oil at a time.

✨Set a timer for 10 minutes so you can settle into the experience and forget about time.

✨Take a few deep breaths and then let go of any distractions or disturbances

✨Invite the spirit of the plant in to teach you, or guide you, in whatever way is necessary E.g. I call in the spirit of Frankincense and invite it to teach me; E.g. I call in the spirit of Frankincense and invite it to teach me;

✨Take 1-2 drops of the oil, one on each pointer finger, and place one finger on the base of your tailbone and one on the crown of your head. Hold the fingers lightly touching in place as you feel the connection, the bi-directional flow through the spine, from tail to crown and back again.

These are symbolic points on the body. Our tailbone, literally our tail, links us to our primal animal nature, and represents our ancient past. This is deep, earthy, tangible and physical roots territory right here. The tip, or crown of our head, rises skywards and connects us to higher realms, and to divine energies. It represents the timeless, infinite, ethereal aspects of ourselves and our souls. The flow through the spine passes through the heart, which links us to the ever present now.

✨Once you feel the connection established, you can bring your fingers to your nose and smell the oil, before relaxing your hands down into your lap.

✨Sit relaxed in a meditative position.

✨Receptive. Receive whatever wisdom the plant has to offer. 

✨Simply receive and let things move through you. You are channeling the plant’s consciousness here.

✨EVERYTHING that you experience here is part of what the oil you are working with wants to teach you, there’s nothing outside of it. So, if you’re thinking ‘gosh what am I doing here, this is ridiculous, I have a million things to do, plants can’t talk….’ that is what is surfacing for you to receive and work with.

This is true for life too, of course. We always push things away when times are tough or ‘bad’, thinking I’ll just push past this and then I’ll get onto living and learning and thriving etc…but actually, the ‘bad’ is often a core component of the journey. It’s there to teach us whatever lesson we need to learn. It’s very much a part of our work here.

EVERYTHING is divine and here for our spiritual growth and development. So just notice what comes up during this time.

✨Whatever comes up, wait until the timer goes off before ending the meditation.  
Learn to relax your anticipatory nature and just wait. Trust that whatever insight arises will still be there once the time is up, if it’s meant to stay with you.

✨When the time is up -grab your pen and paper.

✨Write the name of the oil at the top.

✨Write a list of any keywords that come to mind, any adjectives that come through.

✨Then write out the story-line or narrative of your experience. E.g. I was tense, then I remembered I had all these things to do, then I questioned what the hell I was doing talking to an oil…

✨When you’re done writing about the experience and feel like there’s nothing left…say to the oil ‘is there anything else you want me to know?’

✨Write, write, write…

✨Repeat again, ‘is there anything else you want me to know?’

✨Write, write, write…

✨Repeat again, ‘is there anything else you want me to know?’

✨Write, write, write…..

✨Repeat a few times until there is nothing left to come through.

You’ll be amazed at the messages that come through and what you discover.  Let me know how you get on and which oil you work with!

Further Resources

I made a handy worksheet for you to print and do the above, grab it over here.

Each month I’ll be doing a deep-dive into one essential oil and sharing lots of interesting information and tips. This live video will be exclusively in the essential wellness facebook group, so come join us over here.

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