Wow has this been a tough month. I can’t remember a less fun period of time in my entire time on earth.

It’s felt like a slog. Drudgery.

Highlights include collapsing in an exhausted heap to sleep  at night and the peace and quiet I get during work hours.  TGI-Monday has been the vibe around here.

Says a lot when your highlights are being unconscious and working.

The thought ‘at least I’ll be dead one day’ has crossed my mind a few times – and it’s been a reassuring thought…..ah resting in peace…sounds great!

So that’s some background.

I appreciate that it’s not been that bad on the surface. Certainly there are many people facing worse situations and for a lot longer, so I have to recognize how blessed I am in the grand schemes.

But on the flip side, it’s all relative, and we’re all facing much more stress and overwhelm than ever before. Living isolated and without a physical tribe on hand to help when it’s needed is another downside to modern life.

But let’s move on swiftly to positive-ville. It’s been rough but I’ve had my trusty oils on hand to help me navigate the various challenges and feel supported by something much greater than myself.

Here’s the low-down of what’s been helping me immensely and how.

Physical Support

I’ve had lower back pain which has gotten pretty bad this month.  I’ve been managing this with the

Deep Blue

Soothing Blend in ALL its forms: the oil, the rub, and the supplement complex.

My god this little blend is a good one to have on hand. I really, really, did not like the smell of this one when it first appeared on the scene, it’s still not exactly something I’d wear as perfume, BUT, it soothes like no-one’s business by helping to reduce inflammation naturally.

I had an epsom salt bath with a few drops of the oil in that helped reset me one morning. I’ve been using the rub most mornings/nights before my short yoga sessions, and the supplement complex I’ve recently added to start tackling things from the inside too.

Apart from yoga and stretching, I also got my working space set out so it wasn’t aggravating my body. Top tip here, the oils don’t work in isolation, ideally we pair them with positive actions elsewhere in our lives, like exercise, eating well, setting up a healthy work environment etc…

Past Tense

This has been another godsend. This is the headache blend, but really it’s good for any sort of pain.  I’ve been rolling this on my back also, and around my temples, especially this last week which culminated in me being knocked out with illness for a few days.

You get this one along with aromatouch and balance free with your home essentials kit this month (June) just in case you missed that promo announcement!

The LifeLong Vitality

trio of omegas, vitamins & minerals and cellular support complex are  foundational support for my body.  I normally take a half dose which is superb but I’ve doubled up to the full dose recently to help get back me back on track more quickly.

None of us are getting everything we need just from our food, not matter how good we eat. And when life gets stressful, let’s face it, we’re probably not eating as well as we should as we try to keep all the fires out. At least I know my cells are getting some really good fuel from this lot.

I take these because I notice the difference. I’ve taken a lot of supplements and health food this-and-thats in my time and I’ve never taken anything where I notice a clear difference in my body AND mind. If I forget to take these, I’m quickly reminded  by my body.


is known as the oil of surrendering pain. It provides an anesthetic effect on the nerves and helps bring greater circulation to an area.   It relaxes and soothes, so is a great one to have on hand for aches and pains. I just can’t get enough of the smell right now, I guess because it’s one of my key allies right now.


Part of my month from hell involved chopping the side of my left index finger off. I’m left-handed.

This has been pretty frustrating as the injury is not bad enough to warrant sitting in my pajamas watching netflix all day, but bad enough to ensure everything I attempt to do is a pain in the arse. Or in the finger.

It’s on the mend now but still pretty raw. Lavender is awesome for all sorts of skin support and skin regeneration. I’ve been popping one drop straight on my finger at night before bed to help soothe and mend.

Emotional Support

I think one of the main benefits I experience from using essential oils is the emotional support. Sometimes we just have to face hard things, including challenging emotions.

The oils don’t change the situation, but gosh, do they make me feel more resilient. What I’ve appreciated most about these tools this last month is that no matter how exhausted, downtrodden, and sad I’ve felt, when there’s not a chance in hell I’m going to get my physical body onto a mat to actually DO anything. When even sitting to mediate seems like a marathon. Opening a bottle of one of these oils and inhaling is do-able. And one breathe, one drop, can create massive shifts.  It catches me by surprise each time, how radical the shift can be.


I have to mention Manuka oil here. This is a limited edition so not currently available, but if you

From the Emotions and Essential Oils book, linked below.

ever get the chance to buy this don’t miss that opportunity. I got mine with our 2019 convention kit. It smells sweet and earth and like honey. It’s known as ‘the oil of being upheld’ and that’s what it feels like. When you’re feeling like rock bottom, a whiff of this and the rock feels like safe, solid, earth. You’re held.


The jingle in our oily circle goes “if in doubt, get your Frankincense out”. Frankincense always has your back. The resin is harvested from trees that grow in some of the most inhospitable areas on earth. The trees and strong and resilient, when we call on Frankincense, the trees lend us these properties. I always get a deep sense of ‘everything is OK’ when I turn to Frankincense in times of need.


This is another favourite oil from this past month. Super relaxing and soothing. It’s herby, earth smell has another strong, solid ‘it’s all OK’ vibe to it. Not a big, high, blissful vibe like some of the floral or citruses, but a deep, grounded, OK-ness. Just what I needed. Marjoram meets you where you’re at.

Tiffany Carole describes Marjoram so, ” Marjoram can have a profound calming and restorative effect. Going straight to the sources of agitation, irritation and conflict in the mental body, Marjoram has a unique ability to match the vibration of an aggressive energy and transmute/transform that energy into an appropriate peaceful yet protective force. Rather than going in as a direct vibration of ease or of bliss (such as with Lavender or a floral like Jasmine), Marjoram moves in with vibrational authority that meets the energy of tension and communicates “I’ve got this, I’ve got you, we are strong, and as you ‘let go’ into my tough safety net you will be even stronger.” Swiftly the energy that has been bound up in unproductive tension patterns becomes liberated to do what’s its meant to do… protect, uphold, equilibrate and even defend when appropriate. Marjoram has the beautiful ability to strengthen and also profoundly relax a tense mental and emotional body, simultaneously.”


Last but not least, for when you’ve lost you way, for when life feels like busy-work and drudgery, and you can’t remember what any of it is for, or why you care…this is the blend to get you back on track. Mmmmm.

Life’s not so bad after all…actually it’s pretty awesome. 💗

How about you? Which oils have gotten you through the rough and back onto the smooth?

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