The secret to designing a daily routine that frees up 20% more time and energy for the things that matter most, like YOU!

What you’ll learn:

The SECRET FORMULA for an ‘energy-efficient’ day that will have you gracefully coasting through the day like a bird on the breeze, rather than frantically flapping like a fish swimming upstream.  HINT: that means heaps of energy left over for the stuff that you actually want to do. 

How TIMING is rarely discussed but is EVERYTHING. What you do and how you do it matters, but if you’re doing it at the WRONG time of day you’re wasting precious energy, like a freezer door left open during a heat wave. 

The ONE obstacle between you and the positive lifestyle changes you keep trying and failing to make and how to get past it so you can start feeling great FAST! 

The Energy Tap

The Daily Energy Clock in Action

Implementation Powertool

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