Cyclical Wisdom

What the fuck is my upcoming course THE BALANCE BLUEPRINT even about?

Given that I’ve sketched the whole thing out and produced half the videos, you’d think I would know right?

Is it a course that will show you how to manage your energy and therefore have more of it? YES!

What about your time? YES YES!

Does it give you the structure and framework to put yourself first, prioritize your self-care, so you can actually show up for yourself and others as the best version of you possible? YES!

Does it show you how to lead and direct your own life, rather than react and follow others? YES!

Does it show you how to take a 5 degree pivot so you can step off the standard cultural path of slow degeneration over time onto the path of dynamic ageing where you actually feel better over time, not worse?? YES.

But still, what the fuck is it reeeeeeallllly about??? What’s behind all these benefits. What’s at the heart of this course that’s coming through me right now? What’s the core message and teaching?

It’s funny because I’ve read how authors, as they are writing their novels, often don’t know what’s going to happen at the end. They write and they are discovering it as they write. The characters take on their own life and the stories come through the authors. I guess that’s the creative process, in whatever industry or art you’re working in.

So what the fuck is this course about? I’ve been grappling with the question these past weeks. Asking the muses, the goddesses, the big magic and mystery of creativity… please send me a message and let me in on this so I can go and get on with this.

The answer came with my period. Did you know that if you’re a woman you can take a challenge or question into your menstruation and ‘bleed on it’? It’s pretty cool. It’s like ‘sleeping on it’ but trippier.

Interested in the step-by-step blueprint that shows you how to easily plug back into the cyclical wisdom I wax on about in the above video? If you’d like to create more ease, space, time and energy in your life for the things that matter, without sacrificing productivity and getting shit done, you need this blueprint.

Register here to join the beta-group and help me road-test this beauty.

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