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Our next live class is Wednesday 5th August at 8pm. The topic is Daily Health Habits. 

Health is a habit, a daily habit. It’s not what you do once in awhile that matters, it’s the small, often seemingly inconsequential things that you do daily that compound over time to make the biggest difference.

In this next class we’ll be talking about the 5 key non-negotiable habits you need to dial into your daily flow if health is the outcome you’re after. We’ll also be sharing simple tips to actually make this happen.

Each of our days is a microcosm of our whole life. How we live today is often representative of how we’re living our entire life. Join us in class to reflect on and refresh your daily flow so it sets you up for elevated and expanded states of health and vitality.

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Louisa is a qualified Aromatherapist, Reiki Level 1 Practitioner, Indian Head Massage Therapist and Aromatouch Massage Therapist.  She’s also a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate who teaches and shares the healing power of doTERRA’s pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Sam is a Yoga Health Coach  and DoTERRA Wellness Advocate. She loves to share lifestyle medicine: the simple daily habits + natural remedies that make feeling great your default.