ONE Simple Habit to Start the Day Right, Amplify your Success in Life AND Save Time And Money!

I’m off on holi-bobs next week (camping in Newquay, thanks for asking!) so wanted to leave you with a super awesome challenge to get your teeth into. 

Like so much of the goodness in life, this is free, AND you are guaranteed to feel awesome if you stick with this. Pinky promise. 

This is the one simple habit that you can easily implement right away, because it’s a slight tweak on something you’re already doing. 

This tweak will turn this already-doing-habit into a health-super-charger, amplify your success in life, build a rock-solid immunity, fortify your mind so you go into your day feeling like a ninja who can take on anything AND save some time and money on the way. 

Sounds good right? 

The simple habit is this: 🚿🚿🚿take a COLD shower in the morning.🚿🚿🚿

Yep, it doesn’t sound appealing right now, but once you get on this train you’ll be loving everything this simple tweak to your routine can do. 

Why the Heck Would I Do Such a Thing Sam? i.e. Benefits

Here’s a list, in no particular order, and certainly not exhaustive, of why you should get onto this first thing tomorrow morning!

Please leave a comment at the bottom if you’re in 👇🏼 or if you’ve already been experimenting with this habit  and have some wisdom to share👍🏼

Physical Benefits

🚿 Scientifically proven to have massive positive benefits for body and mind. Wim Hof is the guy who has led the way on this, check out all the research and his story over here

🚿 Strengthens your immune system so you’re more resilient to all the stuff life throws at you.

🚿Creates a mild stress on the body which, again, strengthens its resilience and creates an added buffer to life’s stresses. So if you’re subjected to anxiety, stress, and all that nasty-non-jazz, this could really help. 

🚿WAKES YOU THE F%£@ UP in the morning. You think you’re awake when you wake up and splash a bit of water on your face, but then you have a cold shower and THEN your realize – NOOOOOOW I’m awake. Every. Single. Cell. in my body is NOW AWAKE. 

🚿One world 🤸🏻‍♂️Vitality🤸🏻‍♂️. I’ve been listening to Joe Dispenza’s meditation, reconditioning the body to a new mind (more epic shit right there) and in it he guides us to experience and create the feeling of vitality in the body. My mind always calls up the feeling of the cold water on my body in the shower, or the ocean or river. Vitality is about being full of life and energy, and cold showers are the easiest and quickest way I know of to quickly feel re-charged and pumped up on life. 

🚿It makes you physically and mentally 👀 alert👀, bye bye brain fog, hello focus and clarity.

Mental Benefits

Here’s where I think it gets super interesting…

🚿When you start the day with a cold shower, you can pretty much guarantee the day will get better and easier from that point on. Whatever the day has in store for you, if you’ve faced a cold shower, you’ve got it covered. 

🚿It builds serious mental fortitude, this is actually the most interesting part for me, physical benefits aside. Taking a cold shower proves to yourself that you’ve got what it takes. You are the master of your mind and your mindset. You’re the kind of person who can handle short term discomfort for long-term gain –  and that my friends, is one of the key components of success.

I talked about our 🐵primitive monkey mind🐵 versus our evolved human mindin a previous post. When you approach a cold shower, or cold pool/river/ocean, your monkey mind is going to lose its shit and immediately try to talk you out of it. This is your golden opportunity to crush that voice that doesn’t serve you and show it who is actually in charge. YOU!  You are the 👉🏽 master of your mind, which makes you the 👉🏽 master of your day 👉🏽your life, and 👉🏽your destiny. 

And this is all  before you’ve even had breakfast #winning

Practical Nuts ‘n’ Bolts

👊 You’ll save a bit of time because they’ll be no lingering in the shower in the morning, at least not to begin with!

👊You’ll save money as you won’t need to heat your water, and you’ll use less of it – see point above ☝️ 

👊 NOW is the best time to start because it’s summer (at least if you’re in the northern hemisphere) so the water coming out of our taps isn’t even that cold. 

Are you up for the cold water challenge? Take a cold water shower every day for the next week and let me know how you get on.

Comment below with your thoughts please. I want to know if you’re doing this, loving it, scared of it, intrigued….what are your feelz on this??

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Big love, Sam x

Further Resources

Wim Hof is a modern day yogi.  My partner described his breathing + cold water therapy as ‘yoga without the fluff’, I think that’s pretty accurate.

If this blog sparked your interest and you need a bit more info before taking the plunge, literally, then go to the man himself and learn more about it.

Each month I’ll be doing a deep-dive into one essential oil and sharing lots of interesting information and tips. This live video will be exclusively in the essential wellness facebook group, so come join us over here.

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