Who is responsible for your happiness?

This week it’s all about beautiful boundaries and radical responsibility.

Plus some techy issues (always) and a random peruse through my current book bucket. Do you read 20 books at once too?? And is it just me or is alliteration awesome?!

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💖 Being able to set and maintain beautiful boundaries is closely linked to self-worth.

👉🏻Do you believe you are worth prioritizing? Do you believe you are worth putting first?

👉🏻next time you find yourself annoyed at someone/something, ask yourself whether it’s because you have haven’t set a clear boundary. Chances are you’re actually annoyed at yourself, for not being clear with the other person what you need/want/expect.

💖Everything you say yes to is a no to something else.

👉🏻Where are you saying yes where you should be saying no, and what’s the yes costing you?

👉🏻What is stopping you from saying ‘no’ more often?

👉🏻Notice everything you say yes and no to over the next week and see if the balance is right for you. Are you saying yes for the right reasons?

Essential Oils for Boundaries

Teatree (Melaleuca)

Teatree is known as the oil of energetic boundaries.

Has this dude been a little helper or what! I never really liked the smell of this one, I find it quite affronting, but that’s kinda how it works.

It’s not an ‘ooooo don’t you smell gorgeous, swoon, swoon oil’ like some of the feminine florals, rose, jasmine, neroli…..

It’s definitely got a masculine ‘BACK the F&*” AWAY’ vibe to it, for sure.

If you need to set clearer boundaries between your💩and someone else’s, teatree.

If you need to protect yourself from someone else’s energetic 💩💩, teatree. 

It’s particularly good at clearing and releasing parasitic and codependent relationships.  It helps ward off people, circumstances or anything that might be draining your life force.

It encourages people to stand in their own power, stop betraying themselves by not setting healthy boundaries, and protect themselves by protecting their time, energy and attention.

It helps clear up lines of responsibility. Find yourself constantly enmeshed and worrying about other people’s issue? Teatree!


Clove assists in letting go of victim mentality and taking radical responsibility for our results and outcomes. It’s the oil of boundaries, full stop. If you perceive yourself as powerless, clove oil can assist you in re-discovering your power.  It helps us stand up for ourselves, take positive action,  and begin feeling confident and capable once more.


  Terrashield is known as the Oil of Shielding. It’s a blend that’s great for those summer outdoorsy days when the bugs and what-not like to come out and picnic on you.

As with all essential oils, these work on multiple levels, with the mosquito-busting properties being the most tangible, physical benefit.  Besides being an insect repellent, it helps us stay calm in the face of danger, attack, on invasion.  It’s helps us set a protective boundary for ourselves, to stand up for ourselves in the face of attack and protect ourselves.

Here’s a beautiful blend from Desiree Mangandog’s I Am Fabulous book.  If you find it hard to say no, this is a great one1

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