Be More With Less – Project 333

Four months into motherhood and life is a lot more complex than it used to be. A lot.

Complexity is closely linked to stress. The more complex our lives are the more stress we often endure.

The opposite of complex is simple, and the inverse of the above formula is also true, the simpler our lives are the more ease we invite in.

I’ve been feeling a little bogged down and looking for ways to simplify and thus lighten up my load. Whenever I find myself in this position I find myself drawn back to minimalism. Living with the essentials and releasing any excess weight that’s holding me down in the form of ‘stuff’.

Sometimes when we want to make changes it can be overwhelming to know where to start. The key is simply to start small, get the proverbial ball rolling in the right direction by moving from inaction to action.

A few weeks ago I started with my underwear draw. Every morning as I tried to pull out underwear for the day was a total stress-fest. On a minor scale obviously, but still.  I realised I had way too much underwear. Underwear I haven’t worn in a long time. Underwear that shouldn’t be worn any more. Underwear that’s beyond even upcycling as a dust rag – haha!

So I started with the underwear draw. Got rid of the excess. Pared right back to just what I need for a week, after all, I am doing washing pretty much every day these days #MUMLYFE

Result? Ahhh the ease of picking out some underwear in the morning. It’s just one less battle to fight.

My new capsule wardrobe!

Feeling motivated from this small victory I’ve turned my focus to my entire wardrobe. More of a monster task but I’m feeling game.

I’ve decided to take up the project 333 challenge from October 1st. The rules aresimple; pick 33 items of clothing (including shoes and accessories!) to wear for three months. You pick the stuff you love the most (obviously!) to form a capsule wardrobe, and then just wear those things.

Selecting items was fairly straight forward. Pick neutral colours you like with a few splashes of colour. As a rule I made sure every item I selected could be worn with at least three other items so that I have heaps of combinations to work with,

Feeling very zen!