How to add a touch of love to your life right now

Just touch yourself! It’s that simple. The power of touch is incredible. And also underrated and severely under-used.

We instinctively know it’s power, that’s why the first thing a newborn encounters (all being well) is the warm embrace of their mothers arms.  Ahhhhhh, welcome earth-side little one, you are loved

This emotional nourishment is as vital as nutrients. But rarely do we consider whether we’re suffering a touch-deficit when we’re feeling pants. But maybe if we weaved more emotional connectivity throughout our days via touch we’d all feel a lot more alive.

What’s extra wonderful is that everyone benefits. The person giving a hug benefits as much as the person receiving. It’s reciprocal, which I think tells us a lot about how we’re meant to live and interact with each other.

I challenge you to add a bit more touch to your day today, maybe even give some-one a hug. They might be a bit weirded out but it’s medicine we all need.


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Want to know more about using essential oils? Course you do! Hey, if the whole touching thing is a bit weird to you essential oils are a great excuse to get touching yourself and others, a simple essential oil massage is a  beautiful self-care routine. I do it with my daughter most nights, I’ve even got her massaging me, she loves it!

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