Peaceful Pits ✌️: 3 Simple Ways to Make Your Own Natural Deodorant

May your pits know peace and harmony and may this ripple out to the rest of the world.

Hah!  That’s a slightly ridiculous image, and yet, I firmly believe in picking one small thing, one small area of your day-to-day life that could do with a tweak or an upgrade, working a teeny tiny piece of magic right there, just there, and then… taking a break, going for walk, resting, relaxing, letting the new change settle in and become ‘native’ to your world, then rinse and repeat.

This is the secret recipe to elevating your whole life without stressing, ever.

The secret to raising the vibrancy on your daily flow without getting overwhelmed trying to do everything at once, which usually leads to nothing much sticking or changing, and ultimately,  no progresso.

So keep it simple, pick ONE focus at a time.

Today, I invite you to create the conditions for peace, harmony and lifelong vitality in your pits! Ready?

Your body is a miracle

Our armpits are one place our body loves to sweat it out and detox anything who’s time has come to exit the body, and also as a fabulous temperature-regulation mechanism.

Isn’t the body amAAAAAAAAAAAZing? Can I hear a hell-yaaASS? 🙌🙌🙌

I don’t think we celebrate our basic bodily functions enough,  next time you’re on the loo contemplate the plumbing wizardry that’s taking place as your body sorts and ejects without you even thinking about it. #magicisrealpeople

As ALWAYS, we don’t want to annoy our body by preventing her from doing the awesome job she is all geared up and ready to do.  She shows up for work  Our job is basically to get the hell out of her way as much as possible and avoid doing things that might prevent her from carrying out her daily duties designed to keep us healthy and well.

The deal with deodorants

Given that our armpits want to detox and sweat stuff out for very important self-regulatory reasons, we don’t want to go ahead and do the exact opposite, i.e. cover them in toxins and stop them from sweating.  Pretty insane when you lay out like that right? And yet that’s what many commercial deodorants are designed to do!

I get it, no one wants to be a stinky sweaty mess. But if we plug up our pours with toxic-poop we’re basically  fighting against ourselves #nevergonnaendwell.

Luckily, there are heaps of natural solutions to work with your body so she can do her job AND you can smell amazings (yes, amazings plural, you’re gonna smell THAT good with these recipes).

All of these recipes contain essential oils because essential oils are naturally anti-bacterial. Bacteria in your pits is one of the things that makes your sweat smell funky.

I use DoTERRA essential oils because they are one of the few companies I’ve come across selling real, that’s 100% pure and totally potent, essential oils. If you don’t know how to identify a good essential oil or you’re looking for a trusted brand – doTERRA – they are the BESTEST and your pits will be eternally grateful for a daily dose of this plant magic.  If you want to know more about essential oils and get some you can check out this out.

Right, recipes…

Spray it Baby!

Ok, here’s my hack for a spray on deodorant…you ready for the secret ingredient? Magnesium Oil Spray, like this one here. It’s basically just magnesium as a spray. If you’re magnesium deficient it’ll be a bit stingy at first, but you’ll get over it.  Plus, this deodorant has the added benefit that you’ll be getting a regular magnesium top-up, via your pits, amazing, right?

Plus, this takes one minute to make, which I love.

I re-use my ’empties’, i.e. my empty essential oil bottles. I just add a spray top to a 15ml bottle, fill it with the magnesium oil and then add about 10 -15 drops of whichever essential oils take my fancy.

Some essential oil combinations my pits love are:

Teatree and Lemon

Lemon and Thyme

Spearmint and Teatree

Peppermint and Lavender (the peppermint has your pits physically feeling fresh, like, the literally feel like  breath of fresh air, lol)

Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

Another great and easy to make option is a rollerbottle potion that you roll on.

Here’s a recipe our dear Elena Brower shared with our doTERRA tribe:

Take a 10ml rollerbottle, add:

💧 10 drops geranium

💧 10 drops eucalyptus

💧 10 drops peppermint

💧 10 drops lavender

Fill the rest up with fractionated coconut oil.

Works like a charm and smells SO GOOD!

I also love doTERRA’s InTune blend, which comes in a rollerbottle, that stuff works super super good. I always have it on hand as an option. With InTune, the more you sweat, the better you smell, and it’s all wholesome-mama-nature-goodness, how amazing is that?

Peaceful Pit Paste

Alright, this last one is a bit more involved, but still pretty easy to make.

This one makes a paste, or a balm-type deodorant that you rub on. This one’s super nice if you’ve just shaven your pits, the first two can be a bit stingy if used right after a shave, so I like to have some of this made up for those times, and whenever I feel like a deo-balm.

Here’s what you’ll need:

3 tablespoons of shea butter
2 tablespoons of coconut oil

(melt these two together into a liquid. I put them in an old coconut jar and then place the coconut jar in a pan of boiled water, they melt down nicely like this!

Once it’s liquid, give it a shake and add:

3 tablespoons of arrowroot powder
2 tablespoons of baking soda

plus 5-10 drops of essential oils of choice. I really go to town experimenting with different oils but you can stick to simple ones, lemon, teatree, lavender are great options.

This makes roughly 2 x 50ml jars.

Do you make your own deodorant already? Will you take up my deodorant dare and give one of these a go? Comment below and let me know if you found this helpful.

The Oils

If you’re digging the above but don’t have doTERRA in your hands yet, you’re going to want these tools. These are fundamental component of my holistic medicine cabinet. In fact, they were the gateway drug that reminded me just how much power I have to create a health and wellbeing experience that feels great from deep within and all the way out. AND prepares me for anything.

If you’re feeling called to care for yourself holistically and remember the forgotten wisdom of plants, doTERRA is a great place to start.

Here’s what these oils helped me do:

💖 stop eating my emotions and start feeling them (and all the healing that comes with that)

💖 get out of my head and into my body and heart (impossible to do if you’re avoiding your emotions)

💖 experience a deeper connection to the world around me by developing a capacity to directly perceive the world around me via my body and emotions (not my mind which is easily confused!)

💖 ground myself in a deeper truth. The intelligence of nature is the deeper truth we’re seeking, it runs through our bodies and everything around us. When we align to this we feel deeply support, deeply held and deeply safe. I am so grateful for these deep roots during this windy time.

Here’s my very special limited offer to you this month:

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💝Receive 50 free product points to spend on whatever you want (that’s about £40, offer only valid in Europe)

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💝Receive a free one-week trial of The Balance Blueprint, my signature system for creating and sustaining balance and the conditions for health in your daily life.

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If you’ve been thinking to get these tools in your life. It’s time.

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