10 “Essential” Oils I NEVER Travel Without!

We’re in the thick of the summer holiday season and I’m just about ready to snap the laptop shut and head off on our one week camping trip to Newquay. BOO-YAA

I’ve checked the weather and given I’m in the middle of the ‘year from hell’, I’m in no way surprised to find there is rain forecast ALL week, with weather warnings to boot. #whatevas 

Next Level Packing

When you’re an #oilgeek packing takes on an extra level of complexity.  Or rather, my focus has shifted from considering what clothes and regular what-not bits I need to pack, to deliberating over which oils I really don’t want to be without.

I’ll be quick and get right two it, here’s my essential-oil-travel-capsule-wardrobe, if you will.

Don’t Leave Home Without These 





My Essential Oils Travel Capsule Wardrobe!

Lovely Lavender

If I had to take just one (urgh, what kind of nightmare parallel universe would have be subject to such conditions?) then lavender it would be. She’s not my favourite by any means but she sure is versatile AF. You can think of her as the LBD – ‘little black dress’ of the essential-oil-capsule wardrobe.

When you’ve been bitten by a bug or stung by a bee, she soothes. Burnt by the camping stove, or sunburnt, or just feeling hot-headed and headachey? Lovely lavender is your friend.  Any sort of funky shit going on with your skin? Yes, lavender.  

And needless to say she’s great for relaxing, unwinding, sleeping more soundly, and just generally feeling more aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……which is what holi-bobs is all about, right?

Perfect Peppermint

When you’ve slept like a rock from all the lavender chillin’ you might need something to WAKE YOU UP. Peppermint is your dude. Refreshing, revitising, great for getting perked up again after hooooours in the car or on a plane, or just in motion for home – holi-home. 

Also great for soothing headaches, belly aches, cooling you down if you’re somewhere a bit hot and stuff, or if you just want to feel cool as a cucumber.

Terrific Teatree

Again, not my favourite oil, but it’s a powerhouse that I want in my back pocket (or handbag at least) when I’m out and about. It’s the oil of energetic boundaries and has strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It’ll basically create a nice forcefield around you that will scream ‘STAY AWAY’ to any pathogens or negative forces that might come your way. 

If you’ve some skin funk, or some foot funghi – from barefoot walking around swimming pools and what-not – teatree will sort you out.

Like lavender, this one is also great for bites and scrapes and any sort of ‘ouchie’.


This is the digestive blend. While peppermint is pretty good at sorting out digestive issues and helping with digestion generally, this one goes a step further as it’s a blend of ALLLL the awesome plants that are particularly good for digestion. It’s got Ginger, Fennel, Coriander, Peppermint, Tarragon, Anise, and Caraway.  

So if you’re out an about and you’ve eaten something dodgy, or the water in your location doesn’t agree with you, or even if you get motion or travel sickness. ZenGest BABY.


This one is uplifting and energising AND it’s a fabulous insect repellant. Have this badass diffusing in your space all holiday-long for good-time-vibes without the insect amigos. 

Also, tastes amazing in your curries, and you can add it your body oil for a full body anti-pest-force-field. Unlike lemon, this one isn’t really photosensitive, so you’re OK to use this one while in the sun. Not a problem it looks like I’m likely to face if the current weather forecast is anything to go by!

Terrashield a.k.a The Outdoor Blend

This one is a blend specially formulated for those spending lots of time outdoors. It’s a blend that’s a natural insectant repellant and it comes in a handy spray. I’ll use my lemongrass oil and this one on my camping trip. This one’s and lemongrass are obviously more of your outdoor-sunshine-holiday essentials, not so key if you’re going skiing.

On Guard

The protective blend to support my immunity HAS to come. I’ll put a drop on the soles of my feet before bed and even make an immuni-Tea with it by placing a drop in some honey and stirring into warm water. I also love the OnGuard throat drops which I also turn into a tea by dropping into some warm water.

On Guard – Hand Sanitiser

OK, same oil as above, but in a handy-handy-hand-spray. Keeps all the germs under control and contributes to a healthy, sick-free holiday.


You could actually insert any oil in here that’s your current go-to, my BFF-kinda-oil. It’s franky-boy for me. Because whatever the weather (and it looks like it’s gonna be shit, see above deets on the forecast) well frank-boy is there to remind you, in a deep, bellowing, ethereal, godly, voice that 


I S  

A L W A Y S  



And to be honest, holidays are sometimes stressful. The packing, planning, traveling, out-of-routining. How many holidays have you had that have been hindsight fun? In other words, a pain in the arse, difficult, uncomfortable but ultimately enriching experiences that fill you up and make you smile for many years after? Frankincense anchors me to this broader perspective and deeper truth. 

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